Our experience with Paeds Ward, GMC Penang

Mula-mula ingatkan aku sorang je yang terasa bagai ni… Tapi lepas dah discharged semua, husband tanya “perasan tak diorang (nurses) macam tak friendly?”
And I immediately said “Haaaaa!!Yes. Bla bla bla…” Terus sambung apa yg di rasa.

Masa register untuk admission tu, ok lagi.
Person in charge kat admission counter layan ok. Walaupun kiteorg pakai baju tido. Haha.
Sampai hospital almost 8pm (on 25 June) so tak da maknanya nak pakai cantik-cantik.
Dapat bilik duduk la dalam tu sampai pagi. Hehe.
And masa pegi jumpa Doc Palani for the very first time pun ok.
His staffs were very nice to Umar. Siap bagi cookies lagi dan Umar mintak lagi dan lagi, diorg pun bagi aje. Layankan ajela budak tengah lapar. Hehe.
But that was cerita jumpa doc.

Yang menjadi issue sekarang ni service kat peads ward ni.
Pagi operation day, takde sorang nurse pun masuk kat bilik bagitau what time Umar should get ready. And nobody bother to update us or at least let us know, what time we should expect to go down to OT. Nobody. Bila tanya baru la nak cakap, “ohh… kat bawah tak ready lagi lah. Nanti saya call tanya.”
Hello, I have a cranky son over here that needs his milk. At least, update la kiteorg what’s going on so that we know kenapa lambat. Haihh.

Lepas Umar keluar dr OT, bila a nurse trying to bandage tangan Umar… of course la sakit kan, and Umar was complaining too. And that nurse, takde pun nak cakap something nice to him… takde ok. Yilek.
I was quite surprise masa tu.
As a peads nurse, bagi la some positive words to the child yang baru lepas operate. Kan?!

Around 3.30pm, Doc Palani came with few of other nurses – ada sorang tu pakai baju biru gelap, I guess she’s the matron kot. She was good. She was so friendly. But I don’t always see her around. She gave some positive words to Umar, eventho masa tu Umar macam lalok lagi.
I wish that at least nurses kat peads ward were just like her.

There were few times that these nurses had to shot some meds to Umar. Not directly to his skin, but through the tube and not a single time pun diorang ni say something positive. Sedih tak?
I’ll be the one that cheering for him.
I’ll be the one that said, “Umar, you’re such a brave boy! Sakit sikit je. Ubat ni nak bagi Umar sihat.”
Sedih okkk.

Worst is when 1 of them was trying to shot some meds and of course Umar refused to let her do so, I was in the toilet and I could hear husband was trying to pujuk Umar. And you know what this nurse buat? She was screaming at him. Yes. She said something very loud and stern.
Keluar je dari toilet teruslah pegi pujuk Umar.
I didn’t even look at her face, bcos I don’t want to remember her. Grrr!

Lagi satu cerita yang tak mungkin boleh lupa.
Pagi sebelum discharge, Umar was up and active. I was so sleepy and I need my coffee fix.
So, both of us turun bawah to get my coffee from O’briens. While waiting for my coffee ada sorang minah insurans ni datang borak. Borak punya borak sampai lupa nak pegi amik gula. Dah sampai kat bilik, barulah perasan.
Kebetulan there was a nurse in front of my room, so I asked her… “is there any sugar in your pantry?” She said they don’t keep any sugar.
Oh, oklah nevermind. I can just quickly turun and amik sugar from O’briens then. Tapi masa tu Umar tengah makan doughnut, so I told her to keep an eye of Umar while I’m away for awhile. It will be very quick.

Tapi bila Umar nampak mak dia ni nak keluar dia pun start lah bising nak ikut. I told him to stay put dengan kakak (nurse tu) kejap. Macam malas la pulak nak bawak dia… And I thought the nurse going to console him, but naaahhhh!
You know what she said to me, “Kak, bawak la dia ni sekali… budak budak memang takut dengan nurse”
HAH?! And you call yourself a nurse at peads ward?!!

I wonder all these nurses yang bertugas kat peads ward ni tak terlatih ke? Or bcos we are too selekeh so that we get that kind of treatment?

I know being a nurse is not easy. You’re dealing with a lot of sick people. You’ll easily get tired by end of the day. But it doesn’t hurt pun if you give them some smile, or help the child throughout the recovery process by giving some positive words. Really.

I’m not talking about 1 or 2 nurses kat peads ward ni, you’ll be surprise, most of them are like that.
I told my husband, “agaknya sebab kita ni pakai selekeh and I don’t carry designer handbag… that’s why diorang layan sambil lewa.”
Paling sedih masa nak discharge tu, when we past by the nurse counter (I think more than 4 nurses were there talking among themselves) I told Umar to say good-bye and thank them.
There was only 1 person replied, and she said “Bye”.
And that was it. A single B-Y-E.

Seriously, if you ask me to go back in there…
Sorry, no. Not until they improve their service.
We don’t have issue with admission counter, their pharmacies (gone to both in-patient and out-patient pharmacies) and even the clinic. But I was so disappointed we get treated that way.

Of his enlarged tonsil & adenoid: Part 3

26 June – The removal day

(I actually wrote this on 26/6, but didn’t publish it)

Alhamdulilah. Everything went well.
Adalah sedikit kelewatan pagi tu, sampai Umar grumpy and moody… Ayah kata masuk dalam OT pun dia nangis-nangis lagi… But overall, the procedure was done well.
Itu yang paling penting.

Masuk dalam OT lebih kurang 10.30am macam tu (actual schedule is at 8am!)
Mama hantar sampai kat pintu OT je.
I have so little courage to be in the OT, so I pass it to my husband.
Lebih kurang dalam pukul 11.30am Umar dah keluar dari OT masuk recovery room.

When he’s back at the room, dia macam lalok-lalok lagi.
Tapi sebab rasa sakit, each time dia terjaga… Dia nangis cakap sakit. Mintak bukak drip and so on.

Dah pukul 3 ptg camtu, he still tak makan satu apa pun.
Minum pun adalah 2/3 teguk air zam zam. Lepas tu dia tidooooo je.
Offer susu pun tak mau.
Mind you, he been fasting since 12am. Risau sangat.
Doctor Palani datang tgk, and he said no to ice cream (Alamakkk!)
Clear jelly, iced water, slurpee should be ok.
Mama dah excited dah nak makan ice cream oreo dgn Umar yg Aunty Ida bawak… sekali tak boleh la pulak.
And Doc Palani said, as long as dia makan ok, minum ok… Esok boleh balik.

Lepas tu bermulalah episode tawar-menawar dengan Umar.
I know he refused to eat/drink anything sbb rasa sakit lagi.
But slowly he started to accept food.
He ate some jelly and nugget.
Kiteorg paksa dia minum air banyak-banyak.

By maghrib, he looks fine.
Tak nangis-nangis lagi. Walaupun still mintak kiteorg bukak wire drip tu. Hehe.
Now he asleep lepas mintak susu. Habislah sebotol of 4oz  dia minum.
Oklah tu for now :)

Actually, nak menyampai ke process removal ni ada terselit cerita lain. As mentioned in previous entry ada “drama”. Hehe

Well, Umar went for sleep study at HPP in April – from that result doctor recommended to go for removal.
Tapi nak boleh ke result tu banyakla pulak cerita; sleep study result should be ready in 2 weeks after sleep study being held, but the head dept of ENT kat HSJ saja je put some more buffer kot la kan something happen (which is memang pun), and we only get our appointment fixed a month after that. Which is in May.
And on appointment day suppose to let us know the result, but no… takde result.
Lepas sebulan tunggu, takde result?! Ada tak rasa macam nak marah?!!
Frustrated jugaklah sebab ni bukan first time jadi macam ni (untuk kes Umar ni), that was the 3rd time.
I was mad bcos both of us took a day off just to know the result.
And as I was complaining to the doctor in charge in a very manner way… all that she said was, “Please don’t scream at me… we just got to know from GH Penang that result is not ready yesterday bla bla bla bla”
Such a drama queen she is.
Memang rasa macam nak tarik rambut dia masa tu, but I think that shows nothing but the bad side of me which at least Umar shouldn’t seen it. Hehe.
So, our leave membazir macam tu saja and it totally ruin our moods.

After that day, lebih kurang dalam 2 days after that la, paeds from HPP called bgtau his result is out.
Then kiteorg bincang next step dengan paeds yang read his sleep study… She said kalau nak buat kat GH, memang will take sometimes. 2-6 weeks to fix the date.

Fikir punya fikir, trylah kat private. Since Umar been getting fever a lot. Risau jugak. There were once yang his temperatures shoot up to 40. Takut sangat.

So, after seeing Doc Palani once… it leads us to today.
Major milestone in Umar’s life, for now… cewah.

Umar, mama harap lepas ni Umar dapat makan & membesar dengan sihat ok!




Ramadhan Mubarak to all muslims.
May Allah grant us strength and patience throughout this holy month.
It is a month to recharge our soul. Let’s maximize our ibadah :)

of his enlarged adenoids & tonsils: part 2

Banyak sangat bab yang kiteorg go thru pasal ni.
Sampai dah tak teringat all the details.
But, today… marks another big milestone in our chapter.

Let me do some recap.

We raised up our concern to doctor regarding Umar’s progress… dah setahun lebih on medication & nasal spray, what should we do next?
He’s not gaining any kilo for the past 2 years, his snoring will get worst when he catch some cold & fever and sometimes he’ll be gasping for air too (while he’s asleep).
So doctor suggest pegi buat sleep study. Just to justify that he needs to remove his adenoids & tonsil since he’s below 5 years old dan Umar bukannya jenis selalu demam yang melarat-larat sampai kena masuk hospital (actually, since Umar goes to school now… selalu jugaklah dia kena demam/selsema).

So, he went for that sleep study.
It was arrange by Hospital Seberang Jaya (HSJ) and had to do it at Hospital Pulau Pinang (HPP).
Reason being sebab only HPP can cater for sleep study and HSJ takde peads for respiratory.

10 April
Umar admitted to HPP for sleep study.
Banyak sangat wires hook on him. Kesian pulak tengok.
Nasib baik ayah yang temankan Umar. Kalau mama, dah nangis dah seround situ.
He had to be monitored for overnight, so next morning around 4/5am dah cabut dah all wires from him.
Lepas dah cabut semua wires, amik darah pulak.
This one brave boy went thru it without his dad around. 4 doctors went in and he didn’t cry at all.
I’m such a proud mama. Hehe.
Menangis terharu bila husband text bagitau Umar did it alone. Dah besar anak mama. Thehehee.

After that we waited for the result to be ready.


Cerita result ni nantilah kita sambung deh. Sebab boleh jadi another entry juga kalau kira. Sebab ada “drama” hehe.
Lagi pun mata dah pedih-pedih nak tulis. Hehe.

Padahal baru pukul 9.30mlm.
Tapi sebab such a long day today, I call it a day lah.

Later kita sambung lagi k, insyaAllah.

Banyak. Banyak sangat.


Baru ada kelapangan membuang sawang di blog ni.
Dan juga baru ada masa upgrade blog to its latest patch, sampai dah terlupa username & password to my control panel.

Ada banyak cerita.
Cerita Umar pegi sleep study, cerita Khadijah – semek yang banyak mulut tu.
Cerita saya struggle with current job dan hampir-hampir give up.


Tapi macam biasa, asal nak start tulis… mesti ada writer’s block (cewah!)
Dah siap-siap tulis… separuh jalan, bila baca balik… delete, delete, delete.
Lepas tu tatau nak sambung apa.
Macam payah benor tulis blog ni :P

InsyaAllah, nanti akan cerita pasal Umar.
There’ll major milestone on him.


Till then.

10 minutes.

Yea, 10 mins is all I have to write.
Ahh, I miss blogging.
Seriously I wish that I have time to write.

Anyway, I’m in PG today to meet some virtual friends. I hope I have time to update on that too later.
There’s always something about PG office.
Especially PG7.
Walaupun bangunan lama tempat pertama daku bekerja dah kena roboh dan menjadi tempat pakir kereta, ia tetap membawa something.
The memories that I always cherish.
Susah kot nak dapat colleagues yang ngam. And they not just colleagues, but friends too.
Oh well, maybe sebab masa tu pun takde kawan lain selain dari kawan dari ofis. Dinner pun dengan orang yang sama since breakfast.
Boring? Takkkk!
Not at all.

Rindu sangat waktu di PG6 dulu.
We work hard and the same time we had so much fun.
Managers were supporting.
At least, you know when you need help or something went wrong, your manager will back you up.

Serious rasa macam nak buat gathering je jumpa balik semua.
One day, one day perhaps…

Ok… my 10mins is up.
Have a great weekend, everyone!



of his enlarged adenoids & tonsils

Banyak sangat yang saya fikirkan kebelakangan ni.
Sampai kadang-kadang tersasul.
And sometimes, tengah meeting pun boleh melayang-layang fikir benda lain.
I find that I easy get distracted now.

Anyway, last night tak boleh tido.
Kesnya sebab tido sebilik dengan anak-anak – ayah outstation, mak tak nak tido sorang-orang… pegi tumpang katil anak. Hehe.

So, Umar snores. Very loud.
I can’t sleep if there’s any sound next to my ear.
Kalau hubsie snores pun, I will wake him up or I adjust his sleeping position.
Tak bleh wehh… irritates me. Even I forced myself to sleep pun, end up entah jam berapa baru tido.
Like last night, naik katil almost 11pm, pukul 12 pun tak tido lagi. Haih la.

Umar snores bcos he had enlarged adenoids and tonsils.
We found out about a year ago.
Trying to opt for medication to see if there’s any improvements.
And there’s some improvements.
But when Umar started to get fever, cough and runny nose… rasa macam nak give-up giving him meds!
Like now lah. He had cough and cold 2 weeks ago, I think. Up till now he still had that cough and runny nose :(
Geram pulak when the fact that he can’t blew his nose. Masa kecik-kecik ok je, dah besar ni tak reti pulak.
Kelakar when we teach him how to blow, tutup mulut then hembus kuat-kuat… Dia pulak pegi tutup hidung, keluarkan angin thru his mouth. Haha.

Kesian when he sleep get disrupted by the blocked nose.
I know he’s not getting his quality sleep.
Sleep apnea orang perubatan kata.
He’s struggle to breathe, trying to change his sleeping position here and there.
Benci tengok! Bcos I wish that I had to go thru that instead of him :(
I think I know why he’s been so moody or grumpy.
Tak dapat quality of sleep, kita pun boleh grumpy.

Now I’m thinking to just ask the doc if we want to go for an op.
His appointment with doc is next week, which rasa macam lamaaaaaaaa je lagi!
I wish I can tahan this urge till next week.

I imagine how la dia tido kat school.
Mesti tergangu budak-budak lain nak tido juga.
He snores so loud ok.

Harapnya adalah some “improvement” during his next visit with the doc.
Tak sampai hatilah tengok dia tido macam tu.

Hello 2014!

Dah post pasal anak pegi school barulah perasan takde entry to welcome the brand new year.

Lepastu entah semangat apa tah… Harini rajin betul nak mengarang.
Maybe I was so into mengarang my focal, so harini semangat karangan membuak-buak. Kahkahkah.

So, what happened last year?

Q1 was hectic for us. We are planning to move out dan dalam kekalutan tu dapat juga 1 berita baik yang di tunggu-tunggu :D
Alhamdulilah, I got promoted!
Yes. Finally.
Ya Allah, Thank You. Thank You!
After years of waiting and get pissed off over it… and my morale was going down the drain dah. I even went to the meeting with my manager on my focal result with zero expectation. Macam dah tak larat dah nak berharap. Lantakla.
When he delivered that, dah la dengan typo nya… Bila tengok result, memang sayulah juga.
Tapi bila bos cakap, “actually I typed it wrongly…”
Mata aku dah berkaca.
Ingatkan dapat Below Expectation dah… Hehe.

Moving to the 2nd quarter, we were so busy with moving and such.
We finally moved on 19th May.
Ingat sangat tarikh ni sebabnya mak dia ni dah plan nak celebrate birthday Umar. It was his birthday!
Sekali takde maknanyalah nak celebrate bila dah penat, muka berhabuk, tangan lenguh, kaki sakit… Hehe.
Nasib baik ada adik & anak saudara kesayangan datang tolong.Kalau tak, memang tak terkemas lah.

Last minute punya plan.
Panjang kalau nak tulis full story, to cut it short… we supposed to move out by end of the month.
Tapi sebab husband got last minute call kena pegi Sarawak on 24th May, so kenalah pull-in our moving schedule.
Sampai sekarang pun tak habis lagi mengemasnya. Hehe.

Q3 – welcoming a new member in Hajah Hasnah’s family. Adik ipar yang bongsu kahwin!
Tahniah, Adik Ah.
Bebaru ni barulah dapat tengok album kahwin dia.. kebetulan photographer tu nak hantar album & we were around. Cantik sangat!
Nantilah share gambar kahwin tu. Ada banyak sangat.
Tapi harini malas nak edit gambar :P
And Khadijah turned one too!!
Alhamdulilah, semek tu sihat sangat-sangat… tak banyak kerenah & very cheeky too. Dia manja weh dengan ayah dia!! Mengada! Rasa nak gigit kalau tengok dia mengada-ngada dengan ayah :P

The final quarter was wrap-up with my youngest brother getting engaged and we bid 2013 at Shah Alam surrounded by the in-laws :D

It was a very wonderful, colorful year for us.
We’ll definitely be better this year, insyaAllah.

Umar goes to school

Since most people cerita pasal anak masuk sekolah.
Kite pun semangatlah nak cerita pasal anak masuk sekolah. Kindy je pun. Heh.

Oh… We opt for Tadika Perintis Kecil  as a start for Umar just bcos he went to their day care before – alah, sebulan je pun pegi day-care tu. Hehe.
So, we kindda know the environment & some of the teachers there.
Lagi pun hujung tahun ni, kalau kena hantar Khadijah pegi day care, senang… day care diorang dekat je dengan tadika tu – seberang jalan je.

Semalam cikgu bagi sebag barang-barang Umar.
His stationaries and some books. Bukan some dah kot… bertambung buku-buku dia. I don’t know semua tu akan cover throughout this year ke tak. Banyak weh.
Rebeh bahu Umar kalau kena bawak pegi/balik. Nasib baik tinggal kat school je.

Bila anak-anak pegi school ni perkara yang paling-paling risau ialah tertukar barang. Be it botol susu, towel, baju etc… So, memanglah kena label semua barang budak-budak ni.
Dulu memang tulis pakai marker pen laa… Kalau tak marker pen, pakai masking tape pastu tampal je kat mana-mana.

Tapi haritu, teringat yang @NayaAzhar ada beli labeling kits from Bright Star Kids, so aku pun gatal lah tangan nak cuba. I bought label Preschool & Daycare Label Kits when they had some promo. So, a bit cheaper lah.
It has over 150 labels which husband said too much for Umar… but I think sikit. Haha.

Banyak kot nak label untuk budak ni. Botol susu, bekas isi susu, sikat, lotion, tooth brush & paste, botol air… buku, stationaries. Tak cukup hoi. Haha.


Label yg background putih tu untuk iron-on.
Dah try iron kat bag Umar, melekattt!! Macam jakun pun ada mak dia ni. Haha!

Jadinya malam semalam, si mak ni excited sangat sebab dapat label barang anak dia yang banyak tu.
File simpan kertas kerja Umar pun habis kena label semalam – punyalah pemalas nak tulis! :P
Mujur label tak cukup nak label kat buku-buku dia… Kalau cukup memang senang kerja; peel & stick je.


Now, since Bright Star Kids ada promo $5 off for school label… I have this urge to buy for another set for Umar and 1 for Khadijah jugak.

“Adik dia pun nak kena label juga barang-barang dia tu”.
Ayah dia yang cakap.
Bukan aku. Hehe.

Promotion ends tomorrow!

Jangan lupa backup!

Lain kali janganlah nak malas sangat.
Dan backup sebelum update apa-apa.

Yesterday, I saw few plugins need to be updated.
Sama macam sebelum-sebelum ni, click aja ‘Update Now’ button, lepas tu… tadaaaa… siap.

Tapi semalam, lain ceritanya…
Entah kenapa, once of the file katanya missing or it is not in the path or something lahh…
Mulalah gelabah.
Try locate the file, ada je… Bila try access the file katanya, “you’re not the owner for the domain”

So, I resorted to restore the old backup that I had, which is in July.
Habisla few entries that I wrote hilang :(

Jadinya, in the future… janganlah lupa click button backup dulu sebelum start apa-apa update.

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014