Makan garam banyak, tapi tak semestinya betul

Ada setengah orang… Walau dah beribu kali lalu roundabout, tapi masih lagi tak tahu rules of roundabout… Tolonglah jangan mengaku “saya dah berpuluh tahun bawak kereta, saya tahu peraturannya!”

We’ve been “attacked” by an old furious pakcik last Sunday. Just bcos husband didn’t stop while he was in the roundabout. I may sound a bit rude, sorry for that! but I called that pakcik a road bully when he honk back at us & yelling at us when husband honked at him. We were almost hitting each other bcos that pakcik didn’t bother to stop when he was trying to enter the roundabout. It doesn’t end there tho, no. He followed us!!

Ingat tak rule of roundabout masa belajar keta dulu? Yang dalam roundabout wasn’t supposed to stop, if u missed the exit just make another one round. Car that coming into the roundabout that suppose to stop and when it is safe to enter the roundabout then do so. Please, please correct me if I’m wrong!

So, that pakcik followed us. Masa tu macam tak percaya weh kena follow. Berdoa agar pakcik tu berlalu pergi. But he didn’t. When cars stop, he went down and yelling at my husband. My husband went down and trying to explain to him. But he kept on and on saying that he was in front of us and we supposed to stop, he was old man and he know how to drive. Adalah kot dalam 5minit kejadian tu. Last sekali pakcik tu agaknya tak puas hati kot, dia cakap, “kalau awak nak pukul saya pukul laaahhh!” 

2 men came and said to my husband, “sudahlah, bang. Biarlah pakcik ni… masuk je keta”

Muka husband merah padam tahan marah. Kesian pulak tengok dia kena marah.
Nasib lah memang selalu kene provoke dengan orang, so boleh lagilah handle pakcik tu. Kalau tak, rasanya berlawan gak situ.

Lesson learn is sebelum memulakan perjalanan bacalah ayat kursi dan doa supaya Allah permudahkan perjalanan walau destinasi yang di tuju adalah sekentut dari rumah.




p/s: Rugi. Rugi tak amik video, kalau tak mesti viral :P

Missing the kids

It’s the 4th week already.
Cepat betul.

Bebudak kat Penang tu lepas sorang, sorang demam.
Last Monday was Khadijah and today, Umar pulak.
I feel like I want to fly back home now :(

Bersabarlah, anak-anak…
Bertabahlah, ayah.
Mommy is coming back tomorrow, insyaAllah.

Speaking of going back, tak beli satu tiket pun lagi ni.
Initial plan is to drive. Tapi, plan itu macam tak executable je… Makanya, kena lah cari plan kedua.

Work started to pile up.
Which of course sukalah. Takdelah nak sanggap kat ofis, kan?

I hope I can coop.


Baru sehari

Husb and ze kids went back to Penang last night and here I am missing them like crazy tapi tak boleh nangis! :(

Next week haruslah balik Penang kann…
Selama 5 hari start kerja ni pun, kat office asyik teringat-ingat je bebudak tu.

Kadang-kadang rasa macam made a wrong decision; that I shouldn’t be here, I should be at home taking care of them.

But we never know anything until we try. Perhaps this is the best for me, for now.

And perhaps, by being far from family makes me appreciate them more when they are round. I never imagine that we have to go thru this cycle again. Never. It was tough when we both had to be apart for 1.5 years after we got married. And a lot more tougher now bcos we have 2 kids on tow that doesn’t understand much why they had to be apart from their mom.

Oh hang in there, Aida!

My lovely new team mate said, “I tengok you kental je. You ok ke ni?”
Rasa nak nangis masa tu jugak.



Blisters feet

Day 4.
And I wish that I can just berkaki ayam ke sana ke mari. Kaki sangat sakit at the mo. Blisters everywhere. Dah pakai heel gel tu pun, still sakit. Padahal ni bukanlah kasut baru.
Cepatlah dapat ID, cepatlah dapat locker so that I can keep my pumps inside there and wear walking shoes to work.
Lantaklah walau tak matchy with kurung or skirt. Yang penting kaki daku tak sakit. Hehe.

I attended 2 meetings yesterday at 2 different locations.
Today Im just going to spend my day reading some documentations and meet up my ex-uni mates during lunch later. Yay!

Jom sambung baca docs sampai muntah darah :p


Updating live from the city center of KL.
First day kan tak ada kerja lagi.
Dari aku tersengguk-sengguk nak tertido, baiklah buat “kerja”.
Buat-buat sibuk orang kata. Heh.

So, how was my first day?
I was confused with their elevators’ system.
Few elevators will be going at certain floors in the morning and afternoon. Time-time lain back to normal.
I took the wrong elevator to go up, and when I changed to other elevator it doesn’t go to the floor that I want to go.
I went down to lobby and then read the note carefully again and took the right one. Pheww.
Nasib baik sampai awal sikit.

I had to wait for like 15mins till someone escort me to the office as the reporting manager had meetings outside.
Dapat masuk ofis je memang sanggaplah nak tunggu dapat laptop semua.
By 11 camtu dah dapat laptop, and I met my team mate too. She’s very nice. And turned out dia pun kenal my uni mates, Yunie. What a small world.

Lunchtime, I had lunch date with my uni mate, Dila.
Sempat gosip. Haha. Pompuan kan… mana sah kalau tak gosip. Hehe

Back to office, I went to restroom and wet myself just bcos the bidet was over shoot.
What can be more worst than that?! Hahahahaa.
Masa kat dlm rest room tu tatau nak gelak ke nangis as I haven’t meet my bos yet, you know!
Nanti apa plak dia kata bila nampak seluar basah. Hahaa.
Nasib baiklah baju macam labuh sikit, tapi basah tempat lain memang tak boleh nak cover lah.

Memang kenangan ni. Hehe.

Anyway, sini memang totally lain.
I’m having a culture shock now.
Harap-harap tak terbawak-bawaklah from previous employment.

Wish me luck please!

Recipe: cream sauce for swedish meatballs

I’ve been craving for Ikea meatballs last week. Nak pegi Ikea semata-mata untuk itu, memang takkan lah.
Kalau sepelaung je takpelah… Haha. Stop dreaming, Aida!

Since I have Marina meatballs in the freezer, why not buat sendiri kan.
Few attempts yang lepas gravy dia tak menjadi. The taste is there, tapi ropa dia tak cantik.

Kalini ropa dia adalah cantik sikit. Hehe.
Dan dan nak share recipe, eh?
Actually, untuk rujukan sendiri. Senang, tak yah tercari-cari.

Cream Sauce for Swedish meatballs

1/4 cup of fresh milk
1/4 cup of cooking cream
1 cup of beef broth
1/2 teaspoon soy sauce
1 tbs flour
1 tbs butter
salt & black pepper to taste

Melt butter in a pan. Add flour. Whisk till golden brown and flour is cooked.

Add broth, fresh milk and cooking cream until you get the desired thickness. Add soy sauce.

Lastly, season well with some salt and pepper.

Jemput makan!

Mintak nyawaaaaaaa

After 3 months++ at home, Alhamdulilah… I’ve got a job! :D
Ever since dapat tahu tu, memang busy lah dok buat itu ini sebelum pegi.

So, this is the final week yang penuh dengan strikeout-to-do-list-before-you-leave.
Hoih, penaaaattt!
To do lis panjang berjela. Setiap hari ada saja tambahannya… lepastu yang berjaya di-strikeout ciput.
Seriously mintak nyawa!

Alhamdulilah, important things already sorted.
Like completed a photobook for Khadijah. (Ini penting okk! Haha. Sebab dah beli voucher. Haha)

Yaaa anak dah nak masuk 3 tahun barulah nak compile gambar-gambar masa baru lahir. Yaa, itulah saya :(
His brother had one, so she should too. I’ve been meaning to do it, tapi bertangguh-tangguh punya pasal.

Finally, I manage to submitted it yesterday! Phewww.
The voucher expired yesterday, by the way. Haha.

And another thing that I told myself that I should do it, is stocking up food.
So, since last week I’ve been cooking EVERYDAY yo!
Please pat on yourself, Aida! Huuuuuugggeeee achievement! *pat*pat* :D
Dalam freezer kini ada 16 bekas yang penuh dengan makanan.
I don’t know how long they will last. But at least diorang ni takdelah asik makan makanan kedai aje kan.

Husband didn’t ask for it, tapi rasa guilty pulak kalau tak buat. I know he don’t mind at all… In fact dia dah plan dah…
“Hmm, mama takde nanti ayah join the bandwagon la pegi tapau food from cafe”

Sayulah pulak nak tinggalkan diorang ni.

Up until today, I have this indescribable feeling that I don’t know how to express.
Kejap kang rasa happy, kejap kang rasa sedih… lepas tu rasa risau. Eh, macam-macam lah.

Kadang-kadang rasa tak nak buat apa-apa, nak duduk rumah saja… Work from home, maybe?
But that plan hasn’t worked out yet, maybe this is the better plan Allah has for me kan. Who knows?

So, please please please pray for me.
I’m so nervous thinking how am I going to coop at my new work place.

Definitely not the same as previous employment, but I’m sure it is a better one, insyaAllah.

Now, let’s packing! ;)


While some others are pretty stylish with stilettos or wedges or pumps, I rather settle with slipper. I’m the slipper girl if you ask me to choose between stilettos or slipper ;) Haha.

Best apa pakai slipper. Dah lah comfortable, tak payah takut kaki melecet dan tapayah risau sakit kaki bila jalan banyak. Hehe.

I’ll make sure I have a pair of slipper in my car bcos I cannot wear anything else beside slipper when driving. I find it a bit “disturbing” to change between brake and the accelerator if I had to wear heels while driving.

Cakap pasal slipper dalam kereta, teringat satu kisah klasik zaman kerja Intel. Punyalah dress up cantik haritu (I don’t usually dress up when going to work. Jeans and some tees will do). Tapi haritu terlajak rajin sikit, pakai shawl and proper shirt with my fav black pants. Punyalah happy dan konon nak spread the positive vibe lah di pagi hari, drove to work siap nyanyi-nyanyi… Sampai aja kat ofis, all I have was the slipper that wore masa drive tadi. Haiyoh. Spoil mood betul lah. Haha. Baru nak bercantik-cantik. Rupanya I left my pumps inside my husband’s car (I drove husband’s car the day before) and I forgot to take it before leaving the house. Haih. Terpaksalah pasrah pakai slipper saja.

Kalau dulu, design slipper very plain boring kan… But now, dah ada macam-macam design siap ada flip flop wedges. Me likey!

Saya suka! Saya suka! :D
So, are you looking for a hip and in style slipper and you just don’t have the time to go to the shop to buy it?
Why not just hit Zalora and walaahhh… They had a wide range of slipper online for women offered at the best price possible.
I’m surely going to get one for myself to replace that 3 years of super comfy flip flop that I bought when I had my second pregnancy. Whohooo… lama betul slipper tu bertahan.


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Recipe: Chocolate Cheese Brownies

Thank you Kak Tuty for sharing this super sedap brownies – which in the end jadi macam muffin sebab letak dalam paper cups and ramekin. It was a hit yo! Siap bawak kasi kawan-kawan makan. Punyalah confident sedap. Bahaha. Padahal baru first time try her recipe.

Since so many people requested the recipe, here you go!

Bahan A:
220g butter – melt it
4 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder – tambahkan pada melted butter and let it cool

I did this portion 3 hours before I bake.
Kak Tuty pesan suruh buat pagi kalau nak bake petang, but I was too occupied that morning.

Bahan B:
1 buku Philadelphia cream cheese (225g) – I’m using tatura
100g sugar – I don’t have the weighing scale to weigh this, so I did some alteration to this by using the measuring cups. 1/2 cups of castor sugar
1 egg
1/4 tsp salt

Bahan C:
150g sugar – again, I have to alter this. I’m using castor sugar 1/2 cups. You can adjust the amount based on your liking
3 eggs
130g self raising flour – 1 cups of self raising flour
1tsp baking powder

1) For bahan B: mix cheese & sugar until smooth. Add egg. Mix well and add salt.
2) mix bahan A (cooled) & bahan C.
3) pour half chocolate into baking tin. Layer with cheese, cover with balance chocolate mix.
This batter rise well so fill in half the baking tin/cups. Bake it 190°C for 40-45mins.

I like it to be in paper cups, kecik-kecik tak payah potong. Kasi je satu satu kat bebudak makan. Hiks.
You could also pour cheese at the bottom, meaning pour cheese dulu baru bahagian chocolate tu. Boleh jugak nak letak cheese kat atas (not cover with choc batter), so you could sprinkles some choc chips… Nyumsss!


Enjoy! :)


When was the last time you talk to your friend? Or meeting up your long lost school mate?
I lost count. I couldn’t remember at all.

Bad, huh?

So, I was so thrilled when I saw the ads of Moodrepublik saying that they are having a one day sale at SQCC and the best news is, my long lost schoolmate, Huda Karim will be there too! She and her team, Hijriahome will be there. I secretly put that event in my calendar, so that I don’t forget about it, and told myself that I should be there, I have to be there :D

So on that 21/2, punya semangat bangun pagi-pagi. Rancangannya pukul 10 pagi dah terpacak kat SQCC, tapi rancangan ajelah kann. We arrived there almost 11am. The moment I entered the main hall of SQCC, there were sooooooo many people dah macam 2/3 jam the event started and having 2 kids on-tow memang not really a good idea. Takpelah. Kejap je. Kejap je.
“Jumpa Huda, je. Jumpa Huda je. And maybe I should grab something for myself too. Jumpa Huda je” I keep reminding myself. So tak rasa bersalah dragging the whole family there. Hehe.

Jumpa je booth Hijriahome, terus cari tokei dia tu.
Ya Allah, seronoknya jumpa Hudaaa!!

Dia tak berubah pun. Tetaplah bubbly and lovely as always.
We talked and talked like no one there, padahal… orang dok lalu lalang, orang tanya itu tanya ini kat tokei Huda ni tau. Adalah dalam setengah jam kot kiteorg berdiri ke sana sini berbual-bual sambil Huda layan her customers.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3 – perfect! :)

We should meet again, Huda. A proper one… somewhere some place yang boleh duduk minum kopi makan kek. Berborak pasal zaman hingusan dulu dan of course pasal anak-anak kita.
InsyaAllah, in the next 2 weeks we can meet more often… insyaAllah :D

And, kawan-kawan pegilah membeli kat Hijriahome ok. I bought 2 of their chiffon skirts and I love it. Their tops also best, breastfeeding friendly, if you’re a nursing mom. Kalau bukan mak-mak yang menyusukan anak pun takpe, their tops boleh aje pakai untuk any occasion.