Today I sent out a S.O.S text to Da Da. I did what i did last summer again. It’s so calming to listen to her voice. She was there telling me what I need to do. And then came to a step where she had taught me before which i haved video-ed her teaching me. I have watched it the night before all this happen as i was editing a video of us and another close friend of ours (Margo). So when she asked me do i remember how to do it. I happily said yes and i have tried it before for another task i was doing. *that is my current fav video and will keep it safe*

In the midst of fixing the mess, 2 fellow interns suddenly wish me happy belated birthday and gave me the cake. Stunned ..i asked hey my birthday past quite some time d. Why so sudden?? Then they said look who’s the sender!!

It’s from Da Da! Ok she got me teary in front of the interns. Da Da said to me everything will be ok. Just enjoy the cake. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

God has been good to me. To count my blessings especially today Da are in my list. I pray that God will bless your good heart. If you are here physically today i would have kissed you on the cheeks. Ha ha. Maybe that’s a bit scary… hug will do. Ha ha.

Margo could tell that i sounded strange over the phone too. Ha ha i guess that’s what they said your friends will know if something is wrong. I hope if any thing that is troubling her will go away in a zap and to my siamese twins (Nano) like i told her earlier when she came to me..i’m on your side. And i will be your listener when ever you need me.’s been a while since i last wrote here… i think is a good post. Maybe fews year after i will read this again and be reminded how blessed i am. fact about Da Da: She is good at giving surprises…ones that can make you go me. She is super good at this!!!




Don’t grow up so fast

I miss to cuddle around with these two of my masyam. Tho at times, they both la yang selalu buat my blood go upstairs 😅

Umar just came into the room asking me to read bedtime stories to him, like we used to do. Ah, I feel like I’m a bad mom. Dah lama sangat tak baca pun… so, I read with him sampai dia menguap banyak kali & said, “ok mama… kita stop sini. Nanti sambung

Ish… rasa sebak pulak. He is just so young! Sometimes we treated him like he’s already big boy ☹️

Khadijah now is almost the same height as the brother. I think they shared the same weight and sometimes people will mistakenly thought that they are twins haha. Sebab lebih kurang sama.

Dah lama tak buat girls day out with her. Last time we did masa long distance dulu. I had her with me for 2 weeks, and we did so many things. Rindu jugak masa Kak Liya ada & take care of her. Basically, I missed the fun time with the girls 🙂

Let’s plan for something before this baby pops out. Most importantly, let’s see if I’m even up to it. Now nak jalan pun dah macam penguin, hehe.




Omg! It has been ages since the last post. Oh well, ada banyak sangat benda yang berlaku… dan yeaaa blog ini di”abandon”kan sebab tak semudah update di instagram. Heh.

okay, first of all… this is going to be pretty much quickie as I’m updating this via mobile. Thought of using the BlogTouch app, but… eh, tak boleh masuk pulekk. Maybe kena subscribe to the pro version kot.

Alright, straight to the news of the year… I’m expecting the #3 now 😃Today marks my 25th weeks… and this blog tak captured any stories yet regards to this pregnancy.

Nanti kita story, ok? InsyaAllah. But I gotta tell you that this is far most challenging pregnancy I ever had so far. Hehe.

That’s me & my bump at around 19th week

So, minggu ini adalah minggu terakhir pegi office. I’ll be WFH starting next week sebab dah tak mampu nak membawa perut. Hihi. And furthermore, driving to KL from SA is just soooooo tiring! By time I reach office in the morning, half of my energy habis dah. Haha. I’m so lemau by lunch time. Lepas lunch tu memang rasa nak balik tido je 😅

Ok. Itu sahaja lah buat setakat ini… nak pegi mandi and try shampoo baru. Speaking of shampoo, I haven’t been sooooo rajin to shampoo ever since pregnant. During 1st trimester, I hardly wash my hair till I decided to go to the salon to get my hair chopped and washed. Punyalah teruk rambut masa tu. Mujur the hairstylist memahami condition mak buyung ni. Haha. The truth is, I cannot smell my own shampoo at home that time. Pfftt. Whoever pakai shampoo pun, akan ku suruh pergi jauh-jauh sampai le bau hilang. Kesian orang rumah ni kena bear with me 😜

Eh dah berapa kali trying to end this post but I just keep on typing! Haha. Bila datang mood menulis tuuu… macam-macam cerita. Cuba kalau no mojo, tengok blog pun tak mau dah. Ok ok, must ends here. Dah masuk waktu Isya and I haven’t mandi yet. Haha.

Till then, bye!



Here I am thinking how can i make Da Da says yes. I ask her for a favor today and in return I will buy her dinner. But she just refused. Then she said she can consider if i give her a massage but…Da Da cloud9 is not good in massaging. I might break your bones. LOL. I wish she changes her mind and fulfill my little wish. *pray hard*

Huhu…  Da Da is the last person you want to mess with at least for now. Why? Dont kaypoh..keep following and you will know why. Ha ha

Fun fact: Da Da has a sudden liking of spicy food eventhough her cheeks turn tomato after eating it.


It has been so long since I finished the entire book.
I finished reading Ceceila Ahern book recently. Although I think I’ve read that previously, but of course tak habis. And then I still have Paths of Glory screaming to be completed. Hehe. Wait. Wait.

Then, I come out with this list of books that I want to read, at least, as for now.

  • Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
  • Letters to a Young Muslim
  • My Name is Hasmah
  • Revive Your Heart: Putting Life in Perspective

So, let’s hope that I manage to complete one of these within this year.

Cerita mistik

Hari Rabu malam baruni ada sesi buka puasa dengan in-laws. Kak Nisah ada datang sini dan Najib ada plan nak buat sikit majlis “naik rumah”. So, terjadilah sesi buka puasa di Setia Alam instead of Topaz.

Umar punyalah bising cakap banyak kali… “kenapa keciknya, kecik sangat rumah Abg Najib ni?” Amboii! Rumah kat Klang Valley ni mahal, nak oi! 😀

Anyway, nak cerita pasal Umar. Umar and his stories of seeing “things”. Ingatkan dah habis dah fasa nampak-nampak ni sebab dia kan dah besar. Masa kecik dulu memang dia ada bagitau ada nampak itu ini. But ever since we moved to SA, takde la pulak dia cakap till last week.

Well, kiteorang balik KT weekend lepas. Umar nampak ‘benda’ kat rumah MIL. Dalam bilik yang kiteorg tido. Creepy but tulah kesian jugak kat awang tu sebab dia je yang nampak and he said takut.

The first one was after sahur, kiteorg sambung tido kejap lepas subuh and the kids pun naik menempel sama atas katil. Umar was saying ada 2 ‘benda’ kat tepi katil and he couldn’t sleep as that ‘thing’ is looking at him. Both of us memang tido jela kan sebab takde rasa apa and penat sangat. Sampai from KL at KT around 12ish am.

The second one was after sahur juga. Dia cerita ada nampak ‘benda’ main baling-baling bola. In our room juga. Aihh.

Lastly, masa solat subuh. Umar kata while praying dia ada nampak ‘benda’ hitam lari… masa dia cakap tu memang right after solat. Meremang bulu roma. BIL tanya, besar tak ‘benda’ tu? Umar siap tunjuk how tall that ‘thing’ is. Isshhhh.

SIL kata bilik yang kiteorg tido tu memang ‘something’. Something apa tu tak tahu la pulak. But lately, since arwah Tok meninggal, so many things happened. Siap pegi berubat semua. Katanya arwah Tok ada saka, tak sempat agaknya nak cari perwaris lain as she dies in her sleep. Maybe that ‘thing’ merayau-rayau cari tuan.
Who knows?

Sampai umur berapa boleh nampak-nampak ‘benda’ ni eh? Seram pulak.

The Mind Game

  1. One and a half hour to go..feeling like a jelly now.lembik…lapar… (T.T)  The last few hours is the most challenging hours. It’s like playing game with your mind. No…you shouldn’t give up when you’re almost there!NO!NEVER!

Thanks to Da Da. I am relying on the aroma oil she left here. Did she left it on purpose? He he.. doesn’t matter..I need it now to distract me from eating/drinking. Somehow it works..just like spinach to Popeye.(LOL)

Have a short chat with Da Da this afternoon. Too cold to stay in the office so we went out for ‘sun bathing’. ha ha.. it was a nice chat Da Da. I hope you like chatting with cloud9 too.

“Da Da snuggles her legs in her bag because her feet are cold” XD

XOXO – cloud9


puasa month 2017

Ok, here’s my n-th attempt of trying to update my own blog. I’ve seem to lost my writing mojo. Rasa nak menulis ada, bila duduk depan laptop je habis hilang semua idea.

Speaking of menulis, I’ve grant the access to my friend as the co-author of this blog. Tengok, dah 2 posts dah. Haha. Jangan lebih-lebih tau, cloud9. Nanti i revoke your access 😉

I guess she’s already introduce herself well. Yes, we are colleagues. Since the project that we are in will sometime drive us crazy, thus, we need some companion. So, we kinda always have each other to support us during our toughest day or even on any day 🙂

Ok, back to life. It is our 2nd day of puasa. Umar masih lagi berpuasa despite dia terminum air sebab terlupa! Today mengamuk sebab nak bukak puasa lepas balik buat groceries shopping. Memang penat dan lapar la, sebab balik tu dah pukul 12.30pm and it is scorching hot outside. Shuben managed to pujuk him and now he’s asleep. Kita tengokla bangun tidok nanti cemana. Last year pun camni jugak. 3 hari pertama puasa memang la dia mengada. Tapi lepas tu kewl aje. Harapnya tahun ni puasa penuh, k Umar!

Aside on Khadijah, she woke up at 6am to sahur yesterday. Nak sahur cereals je katanya. Tapi tahanla jugak sampai pukul 3pm kot. Sebab tak tahan nak minum air katanya. Dah minum air tu, sambung makan le terus. Hehe. Harini memang tak puasa terus. Semek, semek…

We had the complete quorum this year to celebrate Ramadhan together, Alhamdulilah. I guess, this was the first gathering that has all of us after raya last year. Family tak la besar mana, but it is just so difficult to get everyone together 🙂

Wishing all muslims a happy fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan. May this year will be a better one for us, insyaAllah.

The day after ‘The’ day

Listening to Secret Garden – dialogue version. Didn’t know that Da Da likes this version too. Ha Ha.. OK she is not that old 😛

Da Da disappears the day after her wedding anniversary. LOL (free thoughts on the reason why). So, I have to jaga our kedai on my own today. TGIF not much of serious incidents..manageable but yea I miss her. Since she said I am her no.1 fan so I have to be one now. =P

Hey Da Da when is your next post ah? If only ade my boring posts, your followers will unfollow this blog. >.< This coming Monday I’m gonna fast..not exactly fast..since is my first so I nego to have water. My biggest fear is not that I couldn’t eat but more to ‘What if my perut berbunyi??!!!!’ Malu lahhh !! >.< Hmmm..Da Da sure laugh till berguling-guling on the floor …hmmmmmm >.< Will see then.

As I promised in my previous post, here’s another fun fact:

“Da Da will sing even with her mouth full if her favourite song is playing”

XOXO – cloud9

Angel Brought Me Here

Hmm.. how should I begin?? Uhmm.. a minute ago I ask the owner of this blog( I called her Da Da and that’s how I will refer her as in my future posts) whether I could write on her blog and without a second of hesitation she said ‘YES’!! Honestly, her quick reply made my heart smile 🙂 Ya lah.. who will be so nice to let anyone scribble on their blog.. (WARNING: I might write just anything I like kannnn…) I hope she won’t regret this.

Well, today Da Da is in a perfect mood because it’s her wedding anniversary. She is in this beautiful black ABAYAHHH – is that what it is called? So pwetttyyyy. I wonder if she noticed I had been stealing glances on her. He he…

At this moment she is going to the toilet to fix back her tudung. Anyways, gonna talk about how we became close friends until she allows me to post whatever I want to on this blog. Well, thanks to this project that we need to work on together, we get to face each other everyday, or to be exact every weekday. So bermulalah our friendship. Nothing fancy about this story but trust me most of the time, if not always, we have something to laugh about. Yea, that’s how fun our friendship is.  OK what takes her so long in the toilet?? 20 minutes past now. Da Da dah pretty tuh..cermin pun dah nak pecah…*chiang* HA HA

Don’t know what to bebel already. Till my next post, here’s a fun fact that I hope I can end with in my every future post.

“Da Da has this British accent that some people thought she has blue eyes”

XOXO – cloud9



Focus on what makes you happy, and do what gives meaning to your life
~Barry Schwartz~

Nothing new pun. Mood menulis ada, but I just can’t figure out what to write. Haha. Boleh tak macam tu. But, yes… I do want to write. Banyak sangat benda yang blog ni dah tak catch up. As much as I don’t want to put on instagram, I think I have to admit that instagram is just so convenient. Sedar tak sedar memang macam micoblog pun.

Oh ye, setelah lama tak outstation… finally pegi Melaka last week. Pegi sana dengan 2 orang gila. Haha. Nah! Went there with 2 of my colleagues yang memang senget. Adoilah, sakit perut asik gelak sepanjang jalan. Nasib baik meeting dengan orang serius, kalau tak… terburai perut ni tahan gelak. Managed to get keria yang viral tu and had lunch at Kelebang coconut shake. Makan memang besstt!
Come to think of it, memang dah lama tak kena outstation lah. Last was Miri… and it was in 2015, eh? Lemaunya 2016 takde ke mana-mana. Haha. But then 2016, jadi burung hantu… memang tak la nak ke mana-mana. ICT2U punya pasal 😉

Ramadhan will be this Saturday, I can’t wait. And before that, ke mana harus pegi for our anniversary dinner ni? We wanted a stay-cation, but it is exam week for Umar and then dah start puasa. So, postpone aje lah stay-cation tu.

Marilah browse around places to eat.

Oh, by the way, husband just made my day yesterday. He said, I was less naga-ing for the past 2 weeks and he is wondering why. Haha! I didn’t even noticed pun. Yes, I can be very meanest naga at home. Syukurlah, tak berapa nak jadi naga! Moga Ramadhan nanti pun jadi kucing terus. Hehe. Macam Umar cakap, “mama… Ustaz saya pesan haritu, Kamu semua ni janganla bagi ustaz jerit marah marah macam harimau. Penat, ustaz. Kalau kamu semua dengar kata ustaz, ustaz boleh la cakap slow macam kucing, meoww!” Hehe


nasi lemak

Good morning!
Dah start kerja after a month of cuti. Takde apa sangat pun cuti. Kejap sangat rasa. Hehe. Pejam celik, tak sempat nak buat apa… padahal list to-do was so long. Blog pun tak sempat tulis. Haha.

Anyway, I managed to strike off few things in my to-do list masa cuti. So, oklah. Taklah sangap sangat. Towards the end of my leave, both kidos tak sihat and I had a very very very bad cramps. Nasib tak kerja. Layan la sakit perut, sakit kaki kat rumah sambil monitor tempreature anak-anak. Hehe.

Eh, harini nak tulis sebab ada cerita menarik pagi tadi. As usual, pagi-pagi la kelam kabut… I was looking for Umar’s water tumbler dalam bag sekolah agama dia. Seluk punya seluk, jumpa sebungkus nasi lemak. Aikk! And as expected, habis le berminyak buku-buku dia semua sebab sambal dah terkeluar dari bungkusan 🙁

So, I asked Umar which he tengah mandi masa tu…
Me: Umar what is this?
Umar: Ohh… saya lupa! Saya beli untuk ayah nasi lemak tu
Me: (cairr dah mak kau ni haa… tak jadi nak tukar naga!) Ohh… so sweet of you. But, you have to make sure, masukkan dalam plastik… boleh? Habis buku-buku Umar kotor tu
Umar: Mama, harini saya nak beli 2 tau. Satu untuk mama, satu untuk ayah. 
Me: ahh… ok. 
Umar: nanti mama letak plastik dlm bag saya ok. Saya nak duit belanja 3 ringgit.
Me: Ok. Bagitau ayah Umar nak bawak 3 ringgit.
Umar: nanti saya nak bagi kat mama dengan ayah bawak bekal nasi lemak…

and the conversation going on about how he supposed to keep the nasi lemak.
I asked him if ada any kuih muih instead. He said, nada! Only nasi lemak. So, oklah. Beli jela. Kalau elok nanti kiteorg makan masa dinner.

Well, the thing about this young chap is… he can be very caring and sweet. Dari mula masuk sekolah lagi dia memang suka je beli-beli untuk kiteorg. Kadang-kadang dia beli donuts untuk adik dia. It depends. So, memang tak boleh jangka dia ni. Maybe sebab dia pun dah bosan kot asik kena marah dengan mama sebab selalu sangat beli bubble gums. Banyakkk oii! Tak larat nak cakap dah. I think he wanted to share that bubble gums dengan adik dia… sebab tu dia beli banyak. Tapi of course la mama ni tak bagi kann… awal-awal dah sorok. Hehe.

Oklah, that’s about it.
Have a great day, peeps. Bye!