school oh school

Umar will be 7 y.o next year.
We registered him to the public school and he took the diagnostic test last Monday. Nampak macam ok, his cousins sekolah situ juga and they all ok je semua. Faris got straight As for UPSR, masa pegi briefing last Monday cikgu-cikgu depa pun bukan calang-calang. So I guess should be good la kan.

My only problem is sekolah agama (kafa).
Since si ayah been procrastinating pasal register Umar untuk sekolah agama… There’s no more slot available dah until March. Cikgu sekolah agama tu kata, usually by March baru tau siapa yang betul-betul daftar situ. So, masa tu baru ada kosong. Marchh??!! Lama weii. Karang Umar dah biasa bangkit lambat (he’ll be in afternoon session, by the way) for 3 months… do you think he would want to go to sekolah agama by then? Lagipun nak tinggal dia dengan siapa? Yeah, my parents are around… but they won’t say no kalau Umar dok layan tv/computer/phone dari pagi sampai waktu pegi sekolah.


My another problem is… our current education system ni… macam kelam-kabut je. Kejap macam tu, kejap macam ni. Risau la pulak. Dengan soalan-soalan KBAT nya lagi… Takot maknya yang tension nanti…. Anak relax aje.


So, I started google-ing around for any school for Umar.

ISSA – registration dah tutup ok. Diorg start enrollment since June/July lagi oii. Pfftt
IDRISI – tengok fees dia berjuling mata! Haha.
Brainy Bunch – location tak strategic. It is at One City sana. And I got to know in June next year nak pindah Cyberjaya sana. Memang taklah kan…
Greenview – I don’t know… fees dia tu boleh tahan.
Nuh’Ark – tunggu respond diorg pasal fee structure.

I don’t know mana tah lagi nak tengok ni.

Ke memang macam ni perasaan mak-mak yang anak dia baru nak naik darjah satu?


Managing the expectation


When you expect too much from others, expect to be disappointed so rather than laying blame learn to manage our expectation
~Mufti Ismail Menk~

How well you manage your own expectation?

How do you know when to manage it?

I have to admit that I’m not good at managing it. I can go berserk if any of my expectation doesn’t go as I imagine it would be.

Depressing just bcos, things doesn’t go as I plan. Betul. Amukan lah.

Tapi sekarang ada lah sikit kemajuan. Tak seteruk dulu, tapi harus dipertingkatkan lagi usaha menuju ke arah lesser expectation from others ni.

I can go on and on and on and on if things didn’t go as I want it to be.
Something that I’m not proud of pun. Sigh.
Stress betul.

Bila dah bertenang sikit, bila dah ada kewarasan sikit barula fikir. Sebenarnya masalah tu kecik je.

Alah, setakat tak letak softener bila rendam towels… chill lah, mama! Towels still bau wangi sebab bila rinse letak softener kan… 

Tinggal katil tak kemas bersepah-sepah… Alaaa, takpelah mama. Bukannya selalu pun kiteorg kemas katil 😛 Jangan masuk bilik kiteorang k! 😉

Pinggan mangkuk dalam sink… Mama niiii, cerewet sangatlah. Tak berkulat pun pinggan tu kalau duduk dalam sink satu malam 😉 Relax k, mama!

It is just the matter how you manage your expectation kan.
Kalau expect everything to be in place, memang susah lah.
You jugak nanti yang stress out.
You jugak nanti tak enjoy your life, sebab busy fikir/imagine itu dan ini.
Just sit back and relax je lah.

But then it is a real struggle to manage your own expectation ni.

Just like when you expect your weight to be significantly reduce bila dah seminggu tak makan nasi, berdiet bagai, workout and what not, but the real truth is not!

So, how well did you manage your expectation?

Have a great weekend everyone 😀



She says

Khadijah will always has something to say. Tak kira lah apa saja. Mesti. Ada je benda dia nak komen, nak tokok tambah. Tapi kalau kena kat batang hidung sendiri, diam membisu. Haha.

Yesterday lepas maghrib, Khadijah dah siap mandi semua… She went down to find her hair brush. Dah tatau berapa kali lah sikat dia tu kena ganti sebab went missing. Dah la rambut tu mmg sentiasa kena sikat, kalau tak kusut masai je :'(

Lepas dah jumpa sikat, she went up to our room to get us to comb her hair. She immediately entered the room without knocking on the door neither bagi salam. Ayah dia tegur, “adik, ayah pesan kalau nak masuk bilik ayah dengan mama… adik kena buat apa?”

“Hmmm… bagi salam”, she said.

“Ok, pegi keluar balik”, ayah replied.

She went out and close the door behind her.

“Assalamualaikummmmmmmm”, she said.

“Waalaikumussalam… Masuklah”, ayah replied.

The moment she opened the door she said, “Alhamdulillahhhh… dah takde syaitaaannnn!!!”

Mama duduk kat tepi tu tergelak habiss!


Ya Allaahhh, ada-ada je awak ni dikkk!

Yelah mama fahamlah, bila kita bagi salam syaitan kan lari 😉




August is almost ends. And we’ve been busy. At least I’ve been busy on my birthday month. Before everything else, I think should make it official here that next year… I’m going to tell my boss and PM that I will take a day off on my birthday. Just bcos it has been two years in a row I had a go-live date the same date as my birthday. Well, at least this year a day after my birthday… but still, I have to work on my birthday, you know. Not fun at all 😛

I’ve been meaning to post something here. And I’ve been meaning to update my IGs – yes, both accounts! Tapi tulah, masa begitu berharga!

Even my son was complaining and I felt like I’m a horrible mom.

He told me, “mama, mama pegi kerja awal-awal pagi. Buat kerja cepat-cepat. Jangan la balik malam. Asik balik malam je mama ni” I’m sorry, son :(

And to make it more dramatic. I forgot about my daughter & my sister birthday. Not forgot actually. I do remember. I bought my sister’s present a day before the date. But on the actual day, I got busy and lost track of time. And there, I just forgot. Sighh.

That morning, Mak gave me some money to buy birthday cake. Khadijah and my sister sharing the same birth date. So, Mak been repeating again and again saying that I must buy the cake. So, yes. Cake, ma’am. I got it. Then, when I was in the train I was thinking why Mak been repeating again and again. I know, bcos it is my daughter’s birthday too. Jangan risau pls. Oh, wait. I think what she was trying to say is, “TODAY TAK BOLEH BALIK LAMBAT, OK?” Ok, mak got it! :)

So, yes. I’ve been telling my colleague the same too.

“Korang, I have to go back early today tau. It’s my daughter’s birthday and my mom told me to buy the cake.”

Since I’m car-less that week, so I’ve been taking train. It is just so convenient now sebab boleh naik kat SJ and straight to KLCC. Best!
And at first, I was thinking to buy the cake and present to Khadijah during lunchtime. Since Pavilion takde Toys’R Us, maka nya KLCC aja lah tempat di tuju. Then again, buat apa nak ke KLCC 7/8 kali kalau boleh pegi beli masa balik nanti. Just make sure you go back on time la kan.

So, then again… I’ve been telling my colleague, “korang please ingatkan I pasal cake ok. I need to go back early today”. So, yes all of my girls were aware.

Clock strike at 3.30pm, I had a meeting with the users until 5pm. In between, I still do some other stuffs like reporting and closing some incidents. Aku nak balik on time weh harini!

It was 5.01pm and my sweet little Angeline who sat right next time ping me and said “cake cake cake”. I just flip her conversation to something else.

I had some conversation with others via skype too, and another colleague sent “cake with the cake icon”. And I was so blurr and thinking, diorang ni stress sangat ka apa… nak makan cake kaa?? And that was around 5.15pm I think.

Clock past 5.30pm and Angeline sent another message via lync and said “cake” and that time I was still in the conference meeting with the users. I straight muted my mic and asked her, “Angel, korang lapaq cake ka… Shekha also been saying the same”.

Angeliene held my hand and said, “Aida you tak ingat ke you kena pegi beli cake for your daughter?”


I un-muted the mic and said, “guys, sorry I really really had to go” hung up and packed my stuff and off.

On my way to KLCC, I phoned my husband and I cried. I don’t know why I cried. But really, I felt like I’m the worst mom ever. How can you forgot that??!!

I’m so lucky that Kak Ilah willingly to wait for me while I scouted birthday present for Khadijah and hunt down cake for two of them in less than 30 minutes. Phewww. Mom gotta do what she gotta do.

But really, it has been a tough month for me and for us. Alhamdulillah, my family is around to help out. I cannot imagine if we were just by ourselves.

Bit update about my work, that “project wahyu” gone live on 15th Aug after twice of postponement (adakah perkataan ini?!). There were so much of efforts that we all put and it was really something when we manage to get it done. Kudos to all. It has been hell of an experience. Hehe.


I’m so exhausted, tired and and andd sighhh.

The point is, penat. Sangat.
I had UAT this week and I never imagine that it was so tiring until I just couldn’t even think what the other end was trying to say to me on the 3rd day of UAT. My mind was working, but couldn’t compute what to say or reply to others.

Even right now at the moment, my body is screaming for a rest but my mind refused to. So here I am, typing this entry. I was so tired that I wanted to rest, maybe get some sleep and wake up fresher. But I just couldn’t. Watched my fav series, Numbers — dah la penat seharian kat ofis, balik pegi tengok pulak cerita “berat” camni. Oi, penat fikir siapa bunuh Dr Hoke tu. Haha.

It has been long weeks for us — my colleagues. We’ve been working like hell days and nights… weekdays and weekends too. I just hope all of these sacrifices will paid off. At this point of time, I guess everyone just praying to get the system up and running je. Nak jadi apa lepas go-live tu, jadilah. Dah penat, sangat.

And seriously, I couldn’t think of any word than penat.

I just want to sit back and relax, ohh you wish Aida!

Eid 2016


Salam Aidilfitri. Mohon maaf zahir batin.

There are so manyyyy pictures and stories to tell. I just don’t know which one to start. Alhamdulilah, I had a very wonderful eid this year. Get together with the family is something that we don’t get to do often so, when we do… it is the only time that we have to talk and talk and talk.

Pictures are up on instagram and facebook. Nanti-nantilah kita share kat sini juge. With that, selamat berhari raya, peeps! :)

Next week dah raya tau

Yes, next week dah raya!

Tapi macam tak de mood nak beraya pun kat office ni tau. We had this super duper ambitious user yang mintak kiteorg siapkan this one procurement project within 3 months time frame which covers from order to fulfilment till billing. Basically, one complete cycle of ordering items or services la ni. Pffttt!

I dont know if I can raya dengan aman or not. But I told my team mate, kat kampung memang takde internet connection tau. Thanks, MIL for not installing any! Haha!

Deadline is on Aug 1. And today, right now at this very moment we still trying to tie few gaps that we found. Yang belum found jangan tanya, yang jumpa ni pun tak finalize lagi… Can you imagine how messy this project is?

Current process is so manual and tedious, lepas tu ada banyak scenarios yang kiteorang patut cover in order to make it work. Well, I’m only talking about one or two products here, imagine over hundreds products… boleh pingsan tau. And all of these, business owner tak tau pun yang nanti nak automate semua benda ni. Haaa cemana tu? This is like cowboy punya project la, come in make some change and ask people to accept your solution but you don’t know if your solution able to help them or not and worst is, you don’t even know the details of their day-in-day-out task. Sighhhh.

I know shouldn’t complain… but but but dah tak mampu dah ni weh. Boleh sakit otak. Everytime meeting surely there will be some change. I just don’t know how to face my development team — asking them to change again and again.


Ok, lets pasang lagu raya while working and hoping my mojo will be back. But I doubt it will. Lagi tak tenang nak kerja adalah. Haha! Mood raya sudah mariiiii gituu!

With that, selamat balik kampung semua… I know ramai dah balik this weekend kan? So, berhati-hati di jalanraya. Till next raya entry from me, take care all!


10th Ramadan

Puasa ni the only thing that is so so sooooooooooooooo challenging adalah mengantukkkkk! Like, Ya Allaaaaahhhhhhhhh… help me while I’m driving to work and go back home. Mengantuk dia tu boleh terpejam mata like 1 second tau and while driving ni mana boleh terpejam mata pun kann. Bahaya!  Ish.

This morning, I think I drove like orang gila. I barely can open my eyes. Dah nak dekat sampai Times Square dah barula terbeliak biji mata sebab almost nak bumped into the front car. Astaghfirullah. Ish ish ish.

Alhamdulilah, Umar still puasa penuh up till now.
I still couldn’t believe that he actually made it. Yelah, tengokla dia yang sekerempeng tu. Anytime je cam boleh lapar kan. Tapi dia ok je so far. By the 3rd day dah ok dah. 2nd day puasa tu ada la menangis meraung raung sebab ada cousin dia makan yogurt in front of him. Kesian pulak. Tapi dah nak berbuka dah masa tu. Pujuk-pujuk, ajak pegi mandi, ayah dia bawak pegi kedai and he pau-ed his dad pepsi and some ice cream. Haha.

We also told him to solat. He said he got sticker from teacher at school sebab perform solat dengan baik. Well, Khadijah selalu report kat kiteorang yang Umar selalu main-main masa solat kat school. So, I think start puasa haritu he improved, Alhamdulilah. I hope lepas puasa pun he will keep continue this, insyaAllah.

Anyway, konon bulan puasa tanak makan nasi. It started off quite well, mampu bertahan for few days without nasi, but then ada sekali last week mak cooked something which I totally cannot resist. Haha. Lepas tu yesterday mak masak nasi lomak sambal udang. Ke laut dalam la diet! Hehe.

Sebelum tu dah naik penimbang, dengan harapan ada lah penurunan berat badan. Yilek! Aaaa frust nya! Rasa macam takmo diet je. Tapi stress sebab banyak baju dah ketat! >__<

But then I noticed that I manage to control keinginan membeli beli juadah bukak puasa. Heh. Usually, kalau pegi bazar mesti banyak nya di beli. Ada jelah alasannya nak beli. But then, masalah pulak la dengan laki ku ni. Dia pulak la yang rajin nak beli-beli. Banyak pulak tu. Our fridge dah penuh dengan leftovers je. Semalam je berjaya stopped him from buying at bazar. Kalau tak tu, ada je excuse dia nak membeli.

How’s your Ramadan so far?

Ramadan this year

Time passes by so fast that when we look back, there are so much had happened and Alhamdulilah, Thank You Allah… we still here today, now. And I believe for everything that happened, for us to improve ourselves to become a better person, insyaAllah.

Last year Ramadan, we still as a long distance family. Hubsie and Umar in Penang. Khadijah in KB and I myself in Shah Alam.
Can you imagine my baby girl had to be in KB for a month long with my parents? I still cannot believe it actually. Bcos she’s barely 3 yo pun masa tu and she’s totally ok (in actual, I believe she misses home very much just tak reti nak express her feelings to her Tok and Embah). Sampai sekarang rasa bersalah tu ada :(

At the same time, MIL in the hospital. Her post op of thyroid removal took a bit longer to recover. Everyone in KT (outside of KT came back too!) was so busy took care of Mok. We even predicted that she will celebrated raya with tube hooked around her :(

Look at this year… Alhamdulilah, this year dapat puasa dengan family sendiri and since I have my parents staying together, we have a big bunch of people bila berbuka & sahur. Meriahh!

Semalam berbuka di Topaz since MIL, Umi Adik & Abi Azmi was there. And it was Umar first trial puasa. Tak sangka pulak awang tu boleh puasa penuh. Towards the end je la dia bising perut dia dah lapar. Sahur harini dia siap pesan, “mama… lepas ambil Umar, jangan la puasa lama sangat. Nanti perut Umar lapar”. I hope he manage to puasa penuh again today. Ameen. Khadijah managed to puasa half day yesterday. She came back and told me “Adik puasa”, when asked if she puasa. “Tapii… tadi teacher suap adik makan. 2 kali. Adik makan lah” Hehe. Funny la you adik. Harini try puasa lagi, k dik!

Ramadan kareem, everyone! :)



I’m overly sensitive lately.
I’m easily get irritated by something and will snapped in a split second, which then I’ll end up regretting it. Pfft.

It is so hard to understand what is going on in my system right now. I know I am not myself.
I mean, I’m not like this before. Yes, please believe me. I may be a bit mean last time, but not this meanest. I hate myself at this point.

I can cry at any random situation. I cry on the way home listen some crappy love song. Haha. Silly! But yes. That’s the new me.
I cry in the rest room in the office just bcos I remembered I’m mad at my little girl.

Oh, God. This hormone imbalance or what ever crap in the system right now is totally making me crazy.

Could it be bcos of the contraceptive pills that I’m consuming? It does effects on my migraine, tho. Sakit gila-gila sampai consume balik the meds that I stopped long back.

Or I’m just finding excuses to blame on something else except myself?
O Allah, help me!

ai busy

Eh terbusy la pulak semenjak dua menjak ni.
Sampai cakap kat husband, “Eh, I cannot do all these alone. I tak larat. I penat.” Just bcos that day I was stuck in a bad traffic, tak makan lunch and then balik rumah tgk pinggan mangkuk penuh kat sink and kat living hall tu berselerak barang budak-budak. Rasa nak nangis.

So today while stuck in a 3 hours meeting… Time tak leh nak focus tu pegila google cleaners/hourly maid that can help us. Sekali jumpa la pulak dan paling best ada cleaner available this weekend. Greaaaaaattt! 😀

I’m going for a trial session dulu this Saturday and see how it goes. Kalau ok, kita subscribe for a month. Their service for a month is RM300, 4 hours per session and they will come 4 times. Kiranya tiap-tiap minggu la dia datang rumah.

Let’s pray this one will work for us. Amin. Else, memang kena cari keja lain yang kat Shah Alam lah. Pronto. Penat weh keja kat KL ni. Keluar tak nampak matahari, anak-anak tido lagi… balik pun tak nampak matahari. Boleh gila aku.

Anyway, I went for another interview last Monday. Not in Shah Alam apparently. I had a very tough exam and HR situ kata once dah lepas exam baru boleh go for interview. I had 2 papers to answer in 2 hours. Susahnya! Ada coding and ada soalan objectives. Tssskk! Habis exam, siap suruh pegi lunch sebab diorg nak kira berapa marks exam to qualify to the interview session. Alhamdulilah, dapat pegi interview tu… but I didn’t do well during the interview. Ah, tak kisahlah. Janji I’ve gained the experience. For now, I’m just keep it open and optimistic. Kalau dah memang rezeki, tak ke mana kan… so, let’s pray & wait.


Totally random #6

There’s nothing much to blog when you have almost the same routine every day. Was trying to fix this and that, but it doesn’t work makes things much more demotivated.

I told husband that I need some time off. A breakaway. Dekat pun jadi lahhh.  I feel like I need time off to rejuvenate. He suggested Bali, I said… looking at our hectic schedule, I don’t think we can just buy the flight ticket and go. Haha. Kena plan wei, kena plan! So, I told him dalam Msia aje lah dulu. Paling jauh Penang/Langkawi. He kinda ok with Penang. But in my mind actually nak pegi yang dekat-dekat sini je. PD ke, Janda Baik ke… Melaka ke… Penat lah nak pegi jauh-jauh (pulak!). Tengoklah nanti kita dapat pegi mana. I was looking at Avani Sepang yesterday, but it is fully booked for the date that we want to go.

Pffftttt! Mana lagi weh nak pegi?

Washing machine decided to break on us this week, so we had to bawak laundry here and there to get it clean. Alah, taklah here and there sangat cuma I will basically bring the laundry basket full of unwashed clothes into the car before I go to work so that balik ofis terus shoot to self-service laundry. Gituu. Hehe. I’m praying that the technician will send back our machine today dan jangan la charge mahal sangat on the fixes tuu 😉

I’m still looking for any weekend maid or any daily hour helper that can help us clean the house and do some ironing for us. Bukan tak nak buat semua itu, but all of it requires so much time that sometimes, tak terbuat pun. Sigh. If any of you know any contacts, please let me know ya. Thank you so soooo much! :)

Ok lah nak pegi breakfast ni.

Have a great Friday everyone!



Conversation with Khadijah


We were about to go to sleep. And that night we were sleeping at Topaz & as usual Alia will always with us when husband is not around.

Me: Ok, adik. Let’s recite du’a and sleep.
Adik: Bismikallah huma ahya waamut
Alia: Good night, adik!
*slient there*. Tapi semek tu belum tido pun. Sibuk nak selimut-selimutkan diri

Alia: Adik, dengar tak Kak Lia cakap apa?
Adik: dengar…
Alia: Kenapa adik tak cakap balik?
Adik: balikkk
Alia & Me: ……………………………………………. *krik krik krik*


Last night, I was folding the clothes in our room and Khadijah was playing in the toys room alone. She was talking non stop to her doll, when suddenly it all went so quiet that I sense something is not right. So, I tried to make her talk from my room;

Me: Adikkk, adik buat apa tu?
Adik: kat bilik la. Main dengan doll ni
Me: Kenapa senyap je ni? Adik tak cakap ke dengan doll tu?
Adik: Adik dah penat. Adik diamlah
Me: ohh ok.


Every night, I will apply EO to the kids. I’m introducing new EO, Valor to Umar last 2 weeks ago.

Umar: Mama, nak bau.. nak bau
I let Umar cium bau Valor. Hidung dia tersumbat so, I doubt that he can smell it.

Umar: mmmm… takde bau ape-ape pun
Adik: nak bau jugak, mama! Nak bau!
So, I let her smell too.

Adik: haaaa… ada bau apa-apa. Ada. Ada