Kadang-kadang bila kita buat kerja keras, stayed up till late kat office or even sambung buat keja at home till late night… all we need is just some appreciation from the boss or management. Tak payah bawak pegi posh restaurant sangat pun, cukup ucap “You’ve done a great job!”

Itu je pun dah berbunga-bunga dah. Dah boost up the motivation dah. Serious.

Banyak sangat pengalaman kat previous co. ajar. We’ve been recognized all the time. Ikutlah verbally je ke atau bagi some token. Selalunya KFC/Pizza hut punya voucher lah. Hehe. Sebenarnya tak kesah pun kalau tak dapat any token. Yang penting ada people from management recognize us.

Masa mula-mula join Intel dulu, recognition starts from a simple wishes. Superior akan send like a recognition “certificate” and we’ll print it. Konon nak tayang kat cub. Hehe. Penuh satu cub dengan recognition cert tu.

Time flies and Intel had this cost cutting thingy, so tak boleh nak print print sangat. So they invented a system where you can just recognize anyone. Kalau nak bagi some token, kena dapat approval la dulu… just to make sure it is a real recognition. Karang sesama kawan-kawan pun asik nak recognize, bankrupt lah company kann. Hehe.
Usually kalau recognition tu valid, memang manager akan approves.

You know the feeling when you write your recognition notes to other people. Tulis how his/her work impacts the business, their attitude, semua yang baik-baik je… somehow creates a positive vibes. Bukan recipient je happy, yang tukang bagi pun happy. Isn’t it such a great place to work? Betul tak?

Tapi tulah such scenario tak nampak kat sini. Berat betul mulut nak cakap, “Good job, guys!”, “You’ve made us proud!”, “Thank you so much on your effort”.

Thank you tu pun susah sangat nak dengar T___________T

Selalu peringat diri sendiri agar jangan terlupa recognize, at least say Thank You. Kadang-kadang diri sendiri pun terlupa.

I hope you, yes you that reads this entry can start spreading the positive vibe today. Go recognize or say something nice to others.

Have a great loooonnnnnggg weekend, guys.
Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my chinese friends!

Bila mak yang sakit…

Been sick since last Sunday. Started with itchy throat. Lepastu melarat jadi batuk-batuk, hilang suara. Had fever and was on MC on Tuesday.
Ya Allah, moga terhapus la dosa-dosa kecil ku.

Betullah orang cakap, bila mak sakit… Satu rumah “sakit”.
Now hubsie nampak cam dah start selsema. Umar and Khadijah memang dah berair hidung tu since school started. Bukan selsema sangat pun… Cuma suka sangat nangis. Bila nangis, keluar air hidung… berair sokmola hidung tu.

Rumah, memang tunggang langgang at the mo.
Jangan mintak nak datang rumah now, please. Kalau ada sedara mara nak mai pun, haihhh kena panggil magic wand bersihkan rumah. Haha.

Now I need a part time pronto.
Anyone knows any good maid or agent to deal with? Area Shah Alam tau.
Please share ya.
Thank you.

And tell me how to cure suara serak bak Ella nii??? Ya Ampun… nak cakap pun payah.
The other day, Umar was talking to me and our conversation become tensed sebab he had blocked ear (we went to see doc, doc kata taik telinga dia keras so dia bagi saline to make it soft) and I dont have a voice bila cakap. He went, “Haaa… apa mama? Apa?” many time kot. In the end, I had to scream at him which I dont intent to :'(
Nak tau dia cakap apa?

“Mama ni tak boleh ke cakap elok-elok? Asyik nak jerit-jerit je…. Cakapla elok-elok, Mama

Bertabahlah, nak. Nanti mama cari penawar untuk kembalikan suara mama k.

that peaceful moment

My Whatsapp crash yesterday morning. It went blank for couple of times and then it doesn’t responded to anything. Without thinking twice, I hit the delete button. There. Delete button.

And on the second thought, hey let’s see how long I can survive without having whatsapp in the phone. People can still reach me via call or sms kan. Other social media pun ada, FB messenger or Twitter, kan?

For the first couple of hours tu asik la pandang-pandang phone sebab dah terbiasa check on the message. Lepas tu, rasa macam biasa je. Like, yes finally my phone is at peace. Dahla dia dah overly used kan. Selalu hang and whatnot. So, yesterday somehow was like a break for it.

No doubt I missed some of the conversation via group message. But, they are all not important nor urgent. Kalau urgent & important mesti dah call, kan? So, yes I have my peaceful moment too.

Rasa macam kena buat macam ni kot sekali sekala. Especially when I think, we are too attached to our phone.

And coincidentally, I met a guy who had no whatsapp in his phone. I told him, your life must be at peace :)
Hmmm memang betul. Hehe. And this morning, I was talking to my aunty and she said, boleh pulak awak survive takde whatsapp ye… Pegila beli phone baru.
Boleh. Mestilah boleh.


Well, maybe next time when I told you guys that my whatsapp crash you guys know already that I wanted to have my ‘peaceful moment’. Hehe.

Serba salah

Kadang-kadang kita ingatkan plan kita dah terbaik dah… Tapi, bila sampai masa ada je benda tak kena. Ada je yang tak manjadi, serba tak kena. Ke kiri salah, ke kanan pun salah.

The only thing that you can do right now is just bertahan. Bertahan selama mana yang mungkin. Sebab semua ni takkan kekal. Takkan lama.
This is just temporary. 

I keep on chanting that phrase to myself. Talking about putting dunya on your hands and not in your heart — it is easier for you to let go.

Eh, entri pertama di tahun baru berbaur suram je. Hehe.
The truth is, I was super duper busy. Masa orang tengah suka gembira bercuti sakan from Mulid Nabi holiday till New Year, I was in the office and balik lambat most of the time. Peak season orang sini kata. Haha.

Kalau kat ofis lama, masa tu masa paling lengang sekali. Freeze period & hanya kerja sebab kena cover US region yang mostly took leaves lama. Oh well, sekarang sudah berubah. Please move on, Aida! :)

On the other note, hubsie just text and bagitau ada tenant nak jumpa malam ni. Hopefully they all agreed and maintain the house well. Mari berdoa agar they will seal the deal tonight, insyaAllah.

Kalau tak jadi, kita up lah lagi sekali entri pasal house for rent tu  together with some pictures… hehe.

Ok, time is up colleague dah panggil nak breakfast.

Till then, bye!

Goodbye & Hello~

It is a new year’s eve.

Let’s do some recap of 2015.
Early this year I was having my so-called career break and at the same time brushing my domestic goddess skills and of course looking for the new opportunity. Belum ada rezeki lagi nak jadi SAHM. So, kena la kembali kepada reality :)
Ended my break in mid of March but it was toughest decision to make ever bcos I got a job in KL.
In between, Umar & Khadijah lost their one and only great grandma :'(
Adik Ah delivered a healthy baby boy, Ahmad Taufiq Zikri.

This new jobs requires me to travel a lot. Been in and out to Miri for few times. Nak sangat biz trip katanya. LOL!
MIL went for the thyroid removal and it was tough on her. Alhamdulilah, she fully recovered just before Raya.
Khadijah been in KB for a month of Ramdhan just bcos we still long distance. Mak insisted to take care of her sebab kesian kat husband to manage 2 kids during puasa. Sebab kena duduk lama “diperantauan”, up till now… kalau tanya dia nak ikut sapa-sapa pegi mana, dia will asked us again, “Nanti mama dgn ayah amik adik kan?” Awwwwhhhh.
My brother lost his mother in law on Umar’s birthdate.

Potty train Khadijah started.
Celebrated my birthday at the office bcos my very first “baby” went live on that date :)
Had my first ride on ETS after few attempts of buying the ticket was failed.

Alhamdulilah, the most awaited news came and husband got a transferred to Shah Alam. The feelings when you really wanted something to happen and Allah answer your prayer, it is just indescribable. Alll is The Greatest. Alhamdulilah.
Got my implan removed after it has been with me for 3 easy breezy years.
The kids bid farewell to their teachers & friends and embarking to the new journey as a smart khalifah at Shah Alam. Thank you very much teachers of Perintis Kecil & Comel.
We’ve moved to a new place and Alhamdulilah managed to convince mak and bapak to stay in together too.
Ended 2015 with another devastating news, Ayah We – husband’s uncle passed away 2 days ago.


I may missed some of the highlights for this year, but nevertheless 2015 has been a good year to me.

Here’s wishing each one of you a very happy new year! :)

Selamat pagi!


Came to the office yesterday at 7.30am, and arrived at home 10pm… And now here am I at the office again at 7.20am!

Hoihh letih.
Rasa nak tercabut kaki dan tangan.

Berdoa agar boleh pulang awal harini setelah beberapa hari pulang lambat.
Kesian anak-anak… Complain kenapa mama balik lambat.

Umar siap tanya, “Mama ni… kenapa mama balik pukul… err, pukul berapa sekarang ni?”
Haha. Kelakar. Nak bebel kat orang tapi tatau pukul berapa.
“Pukul 10 dah ni, Umar”
“Haaa… Kenapa mama ni asyik balik pukul 10 je… Cuba jangan balik lambat…”


Yelah, nak.
Mama cuba ok :)

Nasib baik la semalam dapat egg suprise yang dalam dia ada little poney tu.
Terima kasih, Apau!
Takla rasa bersalah sangat… tengok muka diorang happy. Siap bawak masuk tido sekali.


Ok, time is up.
Nak kena sambung buat kerja QA pulak.
Someone is going to present the system to the client today, which we don’t know what time.

Makanya, yosssshhhhhh!
Gambatte ne!

weekend recap

Saturday, pagi-pagi lagi husband dah keluar dengan Najib. Misi membeli gelas bertroli-troli. Hehe.

I was cleaning up the house when Kak Ilah phoned and told me she will be going to Ariani later. Pucuk di cita ulam mendatang. Hehe. Nak pegi Ariani sebab nak tengok printed scarf yang orang kata below RM50 tu. Around 10ish camtu Kak Ilah & Alia came to pick me up. Khadijah wants to tag along. Umar pun sama actually. Tapi kalau nak bawa 2 handbags pegi cari tudung memang tidaklah. So, I told Umar that we are going to girls shop. Lelaki tak boleh ikut. Petang karang ikut mama ok. So, he’s ok.

Pegi Ariani, alahai frustnya tengok scarf yg below RM50 tu. Ok tu memanglah ok. Tapi tak banyak and color yang nak pun takde. Last-last beli tudung sarung je. Haha. Nasib dapat murah.

After spent couple of hours kat Ariani, perut dah lapar… so pegi makan kat Mas Mono ke apa tah. Macam Wong Solo gak, cuma ayam dia ayam bakar dan paling best tak crowded macam kat Wong Solo. Tenang je. Hehe.

Sampai rumah, hujan renyai. Umar baru bangun je tido, Khadijah pulak sambung tido. Haha. Kepenatan semek tu. Mana taknya, orang sibuk pilih tudung untuk Umi Lah, dia pun sama. Siap cakap mana yang cantik, mana yang tak. Yang bestnya, lepas makan kiteorang ada masuk satu kedai sebelah kedai makan tu. Ada jual baju-baju kurung yang cantik-cantik lah. Kak Ilah went in to the shop and tengok-tengok satu baju kurung kat situ.

Khadijah went straight to Kak Ilah and asked, “Nak beli baju untuk adik ke?”

Pandai pulak pegi tanya kat Umi Lah. Kalau tanya kat mama, memang mama idok le mampu nak membelikannya. Baju mama pun tak sampai 300 nak oi! Haha!

Not long after that, Pipah asked if there’s any kedai kain/jahit dekat sini. I told her ada. She wanted to buy some stuffs for her assignment. Baru minggu kedua dah ada assignment, adik aku ni. Hehe. So, we went to Alam Avenue 2. Pegi kedai jahit tu and she bought some felt fabrics with few other stuffs. Lama gak dalam kedai tu. Dah la bawak Umar sekali. Seronok awang tu dapat keluar rumah. Sekedai dia lari-lari, main nyorok-nyorok.

Lepas beli barang assignment, mak pesan suruh cari some clothes for Pipah sekali. So, pegi la masuk dari se kedai ke kedai lain. Mujurlah memang banyak kedai situ.

Sebab good boy, mama reward some ice cream. He wanted so many things, tapi kalah jugak dengan popsMalaya

Sebab good boy, mama reward an ice cream. He wanted so many things, tapi kalah jugak dengan popsMalaya

We went from one to another shop. Dah la tengah hujan renyai dan paling best takde sebatang payung pun dalam keta. Haha. I’ve covered Umar’s head dengan towel je. Hehe. Finally jumpa yang berkenan. Pipah bought a monochrome skirt with mustard top. Cantik. I like. And we found a shop yang jual kain & baju cotton yang murah. Khadijah dapat sehelai baju kurung with only RM35! Cheap ok.

Settle membeli, I left Pipah at the saloon as she wanted to cut her hair. Umar pun dah bising lapar… so balik rumah start la masak spaghetti.

On Sunday, konon lepas Subuh terus nak ke pasar. Tinggal harapan jelah. Haha. Dekat pukul 9 baru terpacak kat pasar. Dekat je pasar nya. Tapi sebab tatau direction ke pasar tu, kiteorang lalu jalan jauh.

Balik dari pasar, Najib, Kak Chu & Alia came. Misi beli gelas tak habis lagi. Bersambung sambung. hehe. Ini semua demi Chu Ah.

Ikea_1 Ikea_2 Ikea_3

Siap ada orang mistaken yang diorang ni staff Ikea sebab dok berangkut/susun gelas. Haha. Ada yang tanya nak bukak kedai ke. Mujurlah I decided not to follow. Kalau ikut pun takde tempat nak duduk dalam keta, sebab penuh sehilux 😉

While husband busy with his thousand glasses, kiteorang kat rumah main masak-masak dan kemas rumah. Tengahari masak asam pedas daging. Petang tu bake muffin. First time try the recipe actually.

First batch hangus, tapi still boleh makan… Second batch, tak cantik sangat sebab lupa sprinkle some choc chips, the third one barulah success. Hehe.

Recipe nanti kita share k

Recipe nanti kita share k

Habis membakar, pegi hantar Pipah balik hostel. Initial plan she was supposed to go back via train, tapi sebab nak berangkut bolster nya… takdelah kan nak naik train.

Whoaa, such a lengthy entry. Dah lama kot tak tulis panjang berjela. Kalau mood tu dah datang, layankan aja. Hehe.

Till then.

May Allah bless you

Ever since the kids started their school in Shah Alam… Many good things that I discover about them. Alhamdulillah.

Like Khadijah, dah pandai baca some simple surah like Al-Fatihah, Al-Ikhlas, An-Nas. Bacaan dalam solat pun dah boleh sikit-sikit.

School break ni pun banyak activities yang diorang buat. Like last week, Khadijah bising bagitau yang dia buat cupcake at school. Sadly nothing left for mommy to taste. Hehe.

Umar pulak, nampak yang dia ada effort nak baca.
He knows how to ready very basic one…

2 days ago when I did something for Khadijah, she will replied;
“Thank you, mama! May Allah blessed you! Bismillahirohmannirohim…” 

Awwwhhh, so sweet… kan?!!
I think kat sekolah diorang memang selalu sebut phrase ni after they did something. Lepas tu kena baca some du’a. Rasanya Khadijah lupa kot dua apa kena baca. Hehe.


I replied to her,
“You’re most welcome, Khadijah. May Allah bless you too”

Over the weekend, I asked Umar to do something for me and after he has done, I told him;
“Thank you, Umar. You’ve been such a good boy!”

Umar replied, “Bukanlah, mama! Mama kena cakap macam ni… Thank you, Umar. May Allah bless you. Bismillahirohmannirohim…”

I said, “Ok. Lepas cakap bismillah tu… ada kena baca du’a ke?”

He replied sambil garu kepala, “Err, entah. Umar lupa lah”

“Mama, cepatlah cakap yang tadi tu…”.

“Ohh… ok. Thank you, Umar! May Allah bless you!”




On the other note, deepest condolence to the Royal family of Johor on the passing of Tunku Laksamana Abdul Jalil Sultan Iskandar. May Allah bless this beautiful soul among the pious. He will surely be missed by all.




“One of the most spiritual things you can do is embrace your humanity. Connect with those around you today. Say, “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I appreciate you”, “I’m proud of you”…whatever you’re feeling. Send random texts, write a cute note, embrace your truth and share it…cause a smile today for someone else…and give plenty of hugs.”

― Steve Maraboli

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