The Mind Game

  1. One and a half hour to go..feeling like a jelly now.lembik…lapar… (T.T)  The last few hours is the most challenging hours. It’s like playing game with your mind. No…you shouldn’t give up when you’re almost there!NO!NEVER!

Thanks to Da Da. I am relying on the aroma oil she left here. Did she left it on purpose? He he.. doesn’t matter..I need it now to distract me from eating/drinking. Somehow it works..just like spinach to Popeye.(LOL)

Have a short chat with Da Da this afternoon. Too cold to stay in the office so we went out for ‘sun bathing’. ha ha.. it was a nice chat Da Da. I hope you like chatting with cloud9 too.

“Da Da snuggles her legs in her bag because her feet are cold” XD

XOXO – cloud9


puasa month 2017

Ok, here’s my n-th attempt of trying to update my own blog. I’ve seem to lost my writing mojo. Rasa nak menulis ada, bila duduk depan laptop je habis hilang semua idea.

Speaking of menulis, I’ve grant the access to my friend as the co-author of this blog. Tengok, dah 2 posts dah. Haha. Jangan lebih-lebih tau, cloud9. Nanti i revoke your access 😉

I guess she’s already introduce herself well. Yes, we are colleagues. Since the project that we are in will sometime drive us crazy, thus, we need some companion. So, we kinda always have each other to support us during our toughest day or even on any day 🙂

Ok, back to life. It is our 2nd day of puasa. Umar masih lagi berpuasa despite dia terminum air sebab terlupa! Today mengamuk sebab nak bukak puasa lepas balik buat groceries shopping. Memang penat dan lapar la, sebab balik tu dah pukul 12.30pm and it is scorching hot outside. Shuben managed to pujuk him and now he’s asleep. Kita tengokla bangun tidok nanti cemana. Last year pun camni jugak. 3 hari pertama puasa memang la dia mengada. Tapi lepas tu kewl aje. Harapnya tahun ni puasa penuh, k Umar!

Aside on Khadijah, she woke up at 6am to sahur yesterday. Nak sahur cereals je katanya. Tapi tahanla jugak sampai pukul 3pm kot. Sebab tak tahan nak minum air katanya. Dah minum air tu, sambung makan le terus. Hehe. Harini memang tak puasa terus. Semek, semek…

We had the complete quorum this year to celebrate Ramadhan together, Alhamdulilah. I guess, this was the first gathering that has all of us after raya last year. Family tak la besar mana, but it is just so difficult to get everyone together 🙂

Wishing all muslims a happy fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan. May this year will be a better one for us, insyaAllah.

The day after ‘The’ day

Listening to Secret Garden – dialogue version. Didn’t know that Da Da likes this version too. Ha Ha.. OK she is not that old 😛

Da Da disappears the day after her wedding anniversary. LOL (free thoughts on the reason why). So, I have to jaga our kedai on my own today. TGIF not much of serious incidents..manageable but yea I miss her. Since she said I am her no.1 fan so I have to be one now. =P

Hey Da Da when is your next post ah? If only ade my boring posts, your followers will unfollow this blog. >.< This coming Monday I’m gonna fast..not exactly fast..since is my first so I nego to have water. My biggest fear is not that I couldn’t eat but more to ‘What if my perut berbunyi??!!!!’ Malu lahhh !! >.< Hmmm..Da Da sure laugh till berguling-guling on the floor …hmmmmmm >.< Will see then.

As I promised in my previous post, here’s another fun fact:

“Da Da will sing even with her mouth full if her favourite song is playing”

XOXO – cloud9

Angel Brought Me Here

Hmm.. how should I begin?? Uhmm.. a minute ago I ask the owner of this blog( I called her Da Da and that’s how I will refer her as in my future posts) whether I could write on her blog and without a second of hesitation she said ‘YES’!! Honestly, her quick reply made my heart smile 🙂 Ya lah.. who will be so nice to let anyone scribble on their blog.. (WARNING: I might write just anything I like kannnn…) I hope she won’t regret this.

Well, today Da Da is in a perfect mood because it’s her wedding anniversary. She is in this beautiful black ABAYAHHH – is that what it is called? So pwetttyyyy. I wonder if she noticed I had been stealing glances on her. He he…

At this moment she is going to the toilet to fix back her tudung. Anyways, gonna talk about how we became close friends until she allows me to post whatever I want to on this blog. Well, thanks to this project that we need to work on together, we get to face each other everyday, or to be exact every weekday. So bermulalah our friendship. Nothing fancy about this story but trust me most of the time, if not always, we have something to laugh about. Yea, that’s how fun our friendship is.  OK what takes her so long in the toilet?? 20 minutes past now. Da Da dah pretty tuh..cermin pun dah nak pecah…*chiang* HA HA

Don’t know what to bebel already. Till my next post, here’s a fun fact that I hope I can end with in my every future post.

“Da Da has this British accent that some people thought she has blue eyes”

XOXO – cloud9



Focus on what makes you happy, and do what gives meaning to your life
~Barry Schwartz~

Nothing new pun. Mood menulis ada, but I just can’t figure out what to write. Haha. Boleh tak macam tu. But, yes… I do want to write. Banyak sangat benda yang blog ni dah tak catch up. As much as I don’t want to put on instagram, I think I have to admit that instagram is just so convenient. Sedar tak sedar memang macam micoblog pun.

Oh ye, setelah lama tak outstation… finally pegi Melaka last week. Pegi sana dengan 2 orang gila. Haha. Nah! Went there with 2 of my colleagues yang memang senget. Adoilah, sakit perut asik gelak sepanjang jalan. Nasib baik meeting dengan orang serius, kalau tak… terburai perut ni tahan gelak. Managed to get keria yang viral tu and had lunch at Kelebang coconut shake. Makan memang besstt!
Come to think of it, memang dah lama tak kena outstation lah. Last was Miri… and it was in 2015, eh? Lemaunya 2016 takde ke mana-mana. Haha. But then 2016, jadi burung hantu… memang tak la nak ke mana-mana. ICT2U punya pasal 😉

Ramadhan will be this Saturday, I can’t wait. And before that, ke mana harus pegi for our anniversary dinner ni? We wanted a stay-cation, but it is exam week for Umar and then dah start puasa. So, postpone aje lah stay-cation tu.

Marilah browse around places to eat.

Oh, by the way, husband just made my day yesterday. He said, I was less naga-ing for the past 2 weeks and he is wondering why. Haha! I didn’t even noticed pun. Yes, I can be very meanest naga at home. Syukurlah, tak berapa nak jadi naga! Moga Ramadhan nanti pun jadi kucing terus. Hehe. Macam Umar cakap, “mama… Ustaz saya pesan haritu, Kamu semua ni janganla bagi ustaz jerit marah marah macam harimau. Penat, ustaz. Kalau kamu semua dengar kata ustaz, ustaz boleh la cakap slow macam kucing, meoww!” Hehe


nasi lemak

Good morning!
Dah start kerja after a month of cuti. Takde apa sangat pun cuti. Kejap sangat rasa. Hehe. Pejam celik, tak sempat nak buat apa… padahal list to-do was so long. Blog pun tak sempat tulis. Haha.

Anyway, I managed to strike off few things in my to-do list masa cuti. So, oklah. Taklah sangap sangat. Towards the end of my leave, both kidos tak sihat and I had a very very very bad cramps. Nasib tak kerja. Layan la sakit perut, sakit kaki kat rumah sambil monitor tempreature anak-anak. Hehe.

Eh, harini nak tulis sebab ada cerita menarik pagi tadi. As usual, pagi-pagi la kelam kabut… I was looking for Umar’s water tumbler dalam bag sekolah agama dia. Seluk punya seluk, jumpa sebungkus nasi lemak. Aikk! And as expected, habis le berminyak buku-buku dia semua sebab sambal dah terkeluar dari bungkusan 🙁

So, I asked Umar which he tengah mandi masa tu…
Me: Umar what is this?
Umar: Ohh… saya lupa! Saya beli untuk ayah nasi lemak tu
Me: (cairr dah mak kau ni haa… tak jadi nak tukar naga!) Ohh… so sweet of you. But, you have to make sure, masukkan dalam plastik… boleh? Habis buku-buku Umar kotor tu
Umar: Mama, harini saya nak beli 2 tau. Satu untuk mama, satu untuk ayah. 
Me: ahh… ok. 
Umar: nanti mama letak plastik dlm bag saya ok. Saya nak duit belanja 3 ringgit.
Me: Ok. Bagitau ayah Umar nak bawak 3 ringgit.
Umar: nanti saya nak bagi kat mama dengan ayah bawak bekal nasi lemak…

and the conversation going on about how he supposed to keep the nasi lemak.
I asked him if ada any kuih muih instead. He said, nada! Only nasi lemak. So, oklah. Beli jela. Kalau elok nanti kiteorg makan masa dinner.

Well, the thing about this young chap is… he can be very caring and sweet. Dari mula masuk sekolah lagi dia memang suka je beli-beli untuk kiteorg. Kadang-kadang dia beli donuts untuk adik dia. It depends. So, memang tak boleh jangka dia ni. Maybe sebab dia pun dah bosan kot asik kena marah dengan mama sebab selalu sangat beli bubble gums. Banyakkk oii! Tak larat nak cakap dah. I think he wanted to share that bubble gums dengan adik dia… sebab tu dia beli banyak. Tapi of course la mama ni tak bagi kann… awal-awal dah sorok. Hehe.

Oklah, that’s about it.
Have a great day, peeps. Bye!

Good morning, Friday!

Kejap je dah Friday.
Minggu depan dah start sekolah. Kesian awang ni, cuti sekolah pun tak ke mana-mana. Mujur mama ada kat rumah. Bawak la dia ke hulu-hilir 🙂

Semalam pegi dentist, just to check on his teeth and mine too. Punyalah lama menunggu, sampai awang tu boring lalu ajak pulang. Hehe. Kalau bukan kerana dah pass our ICs at the registration counter, memang dah lama dah angkat kaki balik. 2 hours of wait just to get our number dan kebetulan pulak yesterday the automated numbering was out and orang pulak ramai — perhaps sebab school holidays, so ramai parents take the chance to bawak kids to see the dentist. We was there around 8ish, 11plus baru lah settle check & scaling gigi mama. Almost 12noon baru lah settle hal kat dentist.

Well, being in the government clinic (after so many years tak pegi), I’m still sad seeing old folks have to stand up while the younger ones (especially men!) sit and staring at their phones. Lady gave up her sit just for the elderly man (^$#%$#%#$@#!!!!!). There are not enough place for people to wait, place a so cramp and limited — well, maybe sebab klinik ni klinik lama which really need an upgrade.

The day before yesterday pegi KL. Sent baby sis to her collage, then myself and Umar went to Pavilion. Tak ke mana-mana sangat pun sebab we have so limited time. So, pegi la tengok Pumpkin Patch store (which going to close soon. Sob!) yang ada massive sale tu. Ada banyak lagi size Umar & Khadijah. Kalau $$$$ adoo, memang ku borong banyak dah, buat stock sebab lepas ni takde dah Pumpkin Patch ni. Tapi cukuplah sekadar beli buat raya nanti. Hehe.

We had our brunch at Serai after that sebab ada orang tu konon-konon lapar. Order macam-macam but he end up makan fish aje from his Fish & Chips menu. Oreo milkshake pun tak habis >_< Beriya lah nak cheesecake bagai. Nasib baik tak order tu jugak. Kalau tak, pingsan oi mama nak habiskan.

Almost 1pm pegi jupe nena kat office dia. We supposed to have lunch tapi disebabkan awang tu dah lapar beriya-iya, so we just temankan nena makan and Umar pau-ed nena some iced lychee. We chatted a bit about her recent trip to Gold Cost which I manage to kirim jam from her. Hehe. Dah lama tak jumpa nena, nak sembang panjang pun tak boleh sebab kena ambil Cik Pah from her collage as she already done with her exam.

Lepas ambil Cik Pah, we went to pick up Mubin at Pantai Hospital pulak. Panjang perjalanan balik this time around. But since takde nak buat anything, so kita OK je.

Umar was so talkative on both days. Seronok pulak ada co-pilot kat sebelah teman bawak kereta. So many things that he asked and we talked and talked and talked. Gotta do this more often with the kids.

Anyway, last night Umar down with fever. I was nursing him sampai tak boleh tidur at around 2am. Tak perasan bunyi alarm clock. Mujur husband bangun, siap nak pi gheja. Harini trip ke klinik lagi la nampaknya kita. Might be going to Ajwa later or the one nearby to our house. Nama apa tah clinic tu lupa dah.

Ok, gotta go… awang dah bangun demand some food. Gotta continue waering my nurse hat for now. Bye!

Breaking the habits

Sometimes bagus juga buat benda luar dari kebiasaan.

Macam tiba-tiba satu hari pegi kerja lalu jalan lain.
Tapi sangat stress bila lalu jalan lain tu, tiba-tiba stuck dalam traffic yang boleh tahan lama. Hehe.

Or like tonight. I’m usually dah lama tidur dah at this odd hours.
It is already past midnight, and I’m still wide awake. Well, thanks to painful headache I had masa on the way back home from the office.

So, I slept after perform maghrib and woke up around 9.30pm to chase the kids go to bed. Settling 2 bakul of kains while watching movie, kemas dapur and munch over Khadijah’s bekal — she refused to bawak her bekal bcos it turn out doesn’t the way she imagine it was. Pfftt. Mak kecewa. Tapi tak apalah nakk… Mak makan dah ni 😉

Ok, time is up. My washing machine dah bunyi.
I should go and sidai baju and hit the sack. Else tomorrow tak bangun pulak.

Goodnight, world.

Hi February!

Macam ni rupanya hidup sebagai seorang emak kepada seorang anak yang bersekolah rendah dan tadika. Jangankan nak ada masa untuk update blog, nak twit pun tak sempat dah lani. Heheh.

Konon kan… cita-cita nak update blog ni setiap minggu. Heh. Tinggal lah harapan. Mungkin boleh buat sebulan 1 entry. Sempat lag ni… sebab bulan lepas dah siap 1. So, bulan ni kalau yang ini berjaya publish, kiranya cukup dah kuota 😉

Macam-macam ragam dan perangai budak darjah satu tu.

On his first week of school, he lost his sharpener, ruler (but then he got back that orange ruler) and some of his pencil colors dah kontot. Haha. Not that I care that much pun… cumanya kelakar lah. Hari kedua color pencil yang merah dah kontot kurang sejengkal dah. Mesti kes each time dia sharp the color asik patah. And also, he peed kat toilet successfully on the 2nd day of school! Yay! Haha. Benda yang paling mama dia risau. Siap pesan kat ayah suruh ajar. Belum sempat pun nak ajar… dah pass dah. 🙂
Hook seluar dia tercabut masa dia kat toilet, to my surprise he kept the hook inside his pocket and gave it to me and said, “Mama… benda ni tercabut kat sekolah tadi. Sebab tu saya tak boleh nak pakai seluar elok-elok. Nanti mama jahit ok?”
Alahai, terharunya.

His 2nd week, we found out that someone took out his emergency money and left nothing behind, his tag kat bag pun koyak but he still kept the card that has his details. Nurses from Klinik Kesihatan came, so Umar had his jab for BCG.

His school organizing sukaneka for pre-schoolers and Year 1 students. So, 3rd week of school is all about training for sukaneka. Dapatlah another new set of stationary sebab ada menang acara sukaneka. Good job, Umar! 😀

4th week, muka cebek-cebek ada lagi sebab Tok hantar sampai kat tempat perhimpunan dan bila Tok hilang tak bagitau pegi mana (Tok dia pegi kedai buku kejap je pun. Haish.), muka merah tahan nangis.
You’re so lucky, Umar to have both grand-parent sending you to school.
And finally he got his timetable and text books too. Punyalah banyak buku… kesian anak mama bawak buku banyak sampai tak larat nak bangun.

Adik pula lain cerita. She’s no longer having her favourite friends in the same class. Ecah dah pindah school lain. While Ina and Nana not in the same class with her. She seems not so happy. Not sure why. But, we’ll see how things going on. If there’s nothing change, maybe kena cakap dengan teacher dia. And her school pun asik bertukar-tukar teacher je… banyak teacher baru, so I don’t know how far she can get along with the new teachers too.

Adik lost so much weight lepas demam, diarrhea dan muntah-muntah last month. Kesian dia, but I can’t help it bila dia mengada macam diva. Hishh. Geram rasa nak gigit! Haha.

Well, it’s getting late. Esok Umar punya first day to sekolah agama.
Terlambat sikit masuk sekolah agama. I just hope he doesn’t miss so much of the lesson.

Ada banyak lagi benda nak kena siapkan prior to tomorrow. I better hit the sack now.

Till the next entry. Bye.



Been meaning to update the blog even before the year changed.

I was down with dengue fever 2 weeks before the year ends. It started with high fever, and then dia start sakit-sakit badan. 3rd day of high fever buat blood test and positive dengue. Mujurla boleh duduk rumah aje. Tapi hari-harilah kena pegi clinic ambil darah dan minum air non stop nya! Haha. Kembung perut minum air.

Dah la first day tahu kena denggi tu, doctor pesan no PCM/panadol ok. Air manis-manis like 100plus pun tak boleh. Me and my nephew angguk-angguk ajelah. Malam tu bila temperature naik, memang takde lah nak makan ubat apa sebab doc pesan gitu. Esoknya pegi clinic, tanya doc (lain) pasal makan PCM… dia gelak sakan. So, I assume doc yang semalam tu tersilap. Instead of pesan tak boleh makan painkillers or any steroid meds, dia pegi pesan no PCM/panadol. Nasib lah kau, Aida.

I was on medical leaves for 6 days and when I’m back to work it was the final working week of 2016. Poor kiddos sebab tak pegi mana-mana pun time cuti Xmas. We were supposed to go back KT that week. Tapi sebab mama tak sihat, makanya duduk saja la di rumah ye anak-anak.

And I also missed the meet-up session with Shan! Sobs. She came back for winter break and we’ve been planning for this meet-up since Oct, mind you! Tup tup tak sihat pulak nak jumpa dia. And I still haven’t pick up my stuffs from Lu Yee – since I couldn’t meet her on that day, she passed all stuffs that I brought online to Lu Yee, hehe.

Nieces from JB came for few days. Diorg ikut mak datang when we told mak about bapak not well too. Masa demam panas tu actually bapak dah demam panas dulu. But he refused to go clinic. Just makan some PCM and then dia nak rehat je. Looking at him so tak larat, bagitahu la jugak kat mak that he’s not well. Mak masa tu kat JB. Temankan kakak. Asal mak pegi JB je ramai sakit. Hehe.

Mujur jugak ada orang datang rumah… Seronok Khadijah ada kakaks melayan dia. Cuma tak larat bila part gaduh ler. Perempuan kan bising kecoh time gaduh. Hehe.

Once recovered, busy pulak settlekan hal Umar Syarif nak masuk sekolah. Hai anak bujang mama dah darjah 1 dah dia. Cerita dia pegi primary school should be in the separate entry. I hope I can remember each of everything. Konon nak tulis dalam buku, sudahnya buku pun entah ke mana dah on his first day school tu.

I hope it is not too late to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!
May Allah ease our journey to improves ourselves to become a better person towards jannah. Amin.

of the long weekend

Both kids are unwell.
Umar and Khadijah are down with fever since Sunday. Umar picked up flu bug and cough on Monday.
Husband was so kind to take care of them today. So, here I am… in the office, without my partner-in-crime bcos she pulak on leave today. Sobs

We went to Kuantan on Saturday morning.
Our tyre punctured 3/4 way to Kuantan. Husband stopped by at RnR to get it changed to a spare tyre. Took him 15mins to change it and tak sampai 15mins on the road it was bumper to bumper crawl sebab ada boat terbalik on the road.
Lepas je incident area, we saw a family tahan-tahan kereta sebab tyre kereta diorg pecah and the tools yang diorg pakai tak boleh nak unscrew the tyre.
So, husband stopped to help. Nasib baik la boleh bukak… but too bad, bila siap pasang the spare tyre tu, longgar pulak. Kesian.

We finally reached Umi Adik’s place around 12.30pm.
Seronok semek tu dapat jumpa baby Media Aisy. Dalam kereta bapa banyak kali ntah dia dok bising “Cute baby! Cute baby!”
Yes,finally dapat jumpa the limited edition baby. Hehe.
Family belah husband named baby girl as limited edition baby as there will be only 1 baby girl in each of the family (so far). Hehe.
MIL ada 28 (or is it 29?) org cucu, only 6 girls including this latest addition.
Limited kan? Very.

Sunday morning pegi Pantai Batu Hitam.
Punyalah seronok dapat pegi pantai, balik tu terus dua-dua demam (sampailah harini!).

Umar bila temp dia tinggi je… rasa tak sedap badan and sakit kepala he’ll said,
“Mama, ambilkan saya panadol. Sakit kepala ni.”
Haha. Padahal, tak reti telan pun pill tu. Just that he always seen us kalau sakit kepala je mesti bising cari panadol. Hehe.
Umar ni kalau sakit, paling senang to handle. He won’t fuss. Diam je. Unless kalau memang sakit sangat. Other than that, he’ll act like nothing happen. In fact, dia akan lagi banyak cakap time sakit ni.
Sebelum tido, ada je benda dia nak cakap padahal mata dah merah-merah.

Went home from Kuantan after asar on Sunday as hubsie ada sambutan maulid nabi kat office. Ingatkan boleh la stay lama sikit kat Kuantan since cuti sampai Selasa… tidak ye. Tidak. Selalu sangat trip ke Kuantan ni cut short. Tak sempat tau nak pegi Kula Cake! Sobs.

On Monday, hujan renyai and I asked husband if the sambutan still on. Haha. Punyalah tak bagi dia pegi kan.
I spent the rest of the day doing nothing much. Jadi bibik kemas dapo, cuci bathrooms and doing laundry. After asar husband ajak keluar dating. Kita pun yay kan aje lah sebab dah lama sangat tak dating!

Tuesday pun tak buat apa-apa sangat jaga budak sakit dan sambung kemas rumah – decluttering kids punya baju-baju. Banyak sangat yang dah kecik-kecik tapi elok lagi.
Dah petang sangat barulah ajak kanak-kanak sakit tu keluar kejap pegi jumpa cousins diorang (rumah Umi Chu). Umar punya meraung nak sleepover rumah Umi Chu. Kesian dia! “Dah sihat nanti tido sini ok, Umar,” said Umi Chu.

Well, that’s pretty much sums up the long weekend that I had.
Takde lah happening sangat nya.
Gambar pun sendu je… rajin nanti kita share sini.

Till then. Bye!

school oh school

Umar will be 7 y.o next year.
We registered him to the public school and he took the diagnostic test last Monday. Nampak macam ok, his cousins sekolah situ juga and they all ok je semua. Faris got straight As for UPSR, masa pegi briefing last Monday cikgu-cikgu depa pun bukan calang-calang. So I guess should be good la kan.

My only problem is sekolah agama (kafa).
Since si ayah been procrastinating pasal register Umar untuk sekolah agama… There’s no more slot available dah until March. Cikgu sekolah agama tu kata, usually by March baru tau siapa yang betul-betul daftar situ. So, masa tu baru ada kosong. Marchh??!! Lama weii. Karang Umar dah biasa bangkit lambat (he’ll be in afternoon session, by the way) for 3 months… do you think he would want to go to sekolah agama by then? Lagipun nak tinggal dia dengan siapa? Yeah, my parents are around… but they won’t say no kalau Umar dok layan tv/computer/phone dari pagi sampai waktu pegi sekolah.


My another problem is… our current education system ni… macam kelam-kabut je. Kejap macam tu, kejap macam ni. Risau la pulak. Dengan soalan-soalan KBAT nya lagi… Takot maknya yang tension nanti…. Anak relax aje.


So, I started google-ing around for any school for Umar.

ISSA – registration dah tutup ok. Diorg start enrollment since June/July lagi oii. Pfftt
IDRISI – tengok fees dia berjuling mata! Haha.
Brainy Bunch – location tak strategic. It is at One City sana. And I got to know in June next year nak pindah Cyberjaya sana. Memang taklah kan…
Greenview – I don’t know… fees dia tu boleh tahan.
Nuh’Ark – tunggu respond diorg pasal fee structure.

I don’t know mana tah lagi nak tengok ni.

Ke memang macam ni perasaan mak-mak yang anak dia baru nak naik darjah satu?


Managing the expectation


When you expect too much from others, expect to be disappointed so rather than laying blame learn to manage our expectation
~Mufti Ismail Menk~

How well you manage your own expectation?

How do you know when to manage it?

I have to admit that I’m not good at managing it. I can go berserk if any of my expectation doesn’t go as I imagine it would be.

Depressing just bcos, things doesn’t go as I plan. Betul. Amukan lah.

Tapi sekarang ada lah sikit kemajuan. Tak seteruk dulu, tapi harus dipertingkatkan lagi usaha menuju ke arah lesser expectation from others ni.

I can go on and on and on and on if things didn’t go as I want it to be.
Something that I’m not proud of pun. Sigh.
Stress betul.

Bila dah bertenang sikit, bila dah ada kewarasan sikit barula fikir. Sebenarnya masalah tu kecik je.

Alah, setakat tak letak softener bila rendam towels… chill lah, mama! Towels still bau wangi sebab bila rinse letak softener kan… 

Tinggal katil tak kemas bersepah-sepah… Alaaa, takpelah mama. Bukannya selalu pun kiteorg kemas katil 😛 Jangan masuk bilik kiteorang k! 😉

Pinggan mangkuk dalam sink… Mama niiii, cerewet sangatlah. Tak berkulat pun pinggan tu kalau duduk dalam sink satu malam 😉 Relax k, mama!

It is just the matter how you manage your expectation kan.
Kalau expect everything to be in place, memang susah lah.
You jugak nanti yang stress out.
You jugak nanti tak enjoy your life, sebab busy fikir/imagine itu dan ini.
Just sit back and relax je lah.

But then it is a real struggle to manage your own expectation ni.

Just like when you expect your weight to be significantly reduce bila dah seminggu tak makan nasi, berdiet bagai, workout and what not, but the real truth is not!

So, how well did you manage your expectation?

Have a great weekend everyone 😀