August is almost ends. And we’ve been busy. At least I’ve been busy on my birthday month. Before everything else, I think should make it official here that next year… I’m going to tell my boss and PM that I will take a day off on my birthday. Just bcos it has been two years in a row I had a go-live date the same date as my birthday. Well, at least this year a day after my birthday… but still, I have to work on my birthday, you know. Not fun at all 😛

I’ve been meaning to post something here. And I’ve been meaning to update my IGs – yes, both accounts! Tapi tulah, masa begitu berharga!

Even my son was complaining and I felt like I’m a horrible mom.

He told me, “mama, mama pegi kerja awal-awal pagi. Buat kerja cepat-cepat. Jangan la balik malam. Asik balik malam je mama ni” I’m sorry, son 🙁

And to make it more dramatic. I forgot about my daughter & my sister birthday. Not forgot actually. I do remember. I bought my sister’s present a day before the date. But on the actual day, I got busy and lost track of time. And there, I just forgot. Sighh.

That morning, Mak gave me some money to buy birthday cake. Khadijah and my sister sharing the same birth date. So, Mak been repeating again and again saying that I must buy the cake. So, yes. Cake, ma’am. I got it. Then, when I was in the train I was thinking why Mak been repeating again and again. I know, bcos it is my daughter’s birthday too. Jangan risau pls. Oh, wait. I think what she was trying to say is, “TODAY TAK BOLEH BALIK LAMBAT, OK?” Ok, mak got it! 🙂

So, yes. I’ve been telling my colleague the same too.

“Korang, I have to go back early today tau. It’s my daughter’s birthday and my mom told me to buy the cake.”

Since I’m car-less that week, so I’ve been taking train. It is just so convenient now sebab boleh naik kat SJ and straight to KLCC. Best!
And at first, I was thinking to buy the cake and present to Khadijah during lunchtime. Since Pavilion takde Toys’R Us, maka nya KLCC aja lah tempat di tuju. Then again, buat apa nak ke KLCC 7/8 kali kalau boleh pegi beli masa balik nanti. Just make sure you go back on time la kan.

So, then again… I’ve been telling my colleague, “korang please ingatkan I pasal cake ok. I need to go back early today”. So, yes all of my girls were aware.

Clock strike at 3.30pm, I had a meeting with the users until 5pm. In between, I still do some other stuffs like reporting and closing some incidents. Aku nak balik on time weh harini!

It was 5.01pm and my sweet little Angeline who sat right next time ping me and said “cake cake cake”. I just flip her conversation to something else.

I had some conversation with others via skype too, and another colleague sent “cake with the cake icon”. And I was so blurr and thinking, diorang ni stress sangat ka apa… nak makan cake kaa?? And that was around 5.15pm I think.

Clock past 5.30pm and Angeline sent another message via lync and said “cake” and that time I was still in the conference meeting with the users. I straight muted my mic and asked her, “Angel, korang lapaq cake ka… Shekha also been saying the same”.

Angeliene held my hand and said, “Aida you tak ingat ke you kena pegi beli cake for your daughter?”


I un-muted the mic and said, “guys, sorry I really really have to go” hung up and packed my stuff and off.

On my way to KLCC, I phoned my husband and I cried. I don’t know why I cried. But really, I felt like I’m the worst mom ever. How can you forgot that??!!

I’m so lucky that Kak Ilah willingly to wait for me while I scouted birthday present for Khadijah and hunt down cake for two of them in less than 30 minutes. Phewww. Mom gotta do what she gotta do.

But really, it has been a tough month for me and for us. Alhamdulillah, my family is around to help out. I cannot imagine if we were just by ourselves.

Bit update about my work, that “project wahyu” gone live on 15th Aug after twice of postponement (adakah perkataan ini?!). There were so much of efforts that we all put and it was really something when we manage to get it done. Kudos to all. It has been hell of an experience. Hehe.

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