Today I sent out a S.O.S text to Da Da. I did what i did last summer again. It’s so calming to listen to her voice. She was there telling me what I need to do. And then came to a step where she had taught me before which i haved video-ed her teaching me. I have watched it the night before all this happen as i was editing a video of us and another close friend of ours (Margo). So when she asked me do i remember how to do it. I happily said yes and i have tried it before for another task i was doing. *that is my current fav video and will keep it safe*

In the midst of fixing the mess, 2 fellow interns suddenly wish me happy belated birthday and gave me the cake. Stunned ..i asked hey my birthday past quite some time d. Why so sudden?? Then they said look who’s the sender!!

It’s from Da Da! Ok she got me teary in front of the interns. Da Da said to me everything will be ok. Just enjoy the cake. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

God has been good to me. To count my blessings especially today Da are in my list. I pray that God will bless your good heart. If you are here physically today i would have kissed you on the cheeks. Ha ha. Maybe that’s a bit scary… hug will do. Ha ha.

Margo could tell that i sounded strange over the phone too. Ha ha i guess that’s what they said your friends will know if something is wrong. I hope if any thing that is troubling her will go away in a zap and to my siamese twins (Nano) like i told her earlier when she came to me..i’m on your side. And i will be your listener when ever you need me.’s been a while since i last wrote here… i think is a good post. Maybe fews year after i will read this again and be reminded how blessed i am. fact about Da Da: She is good at giving surprises…ones that can make you go me. She is super good at this!!!





Here I am thinking how can i make Da Da says yes. I ask her for a favor today and in return I will buy her dinner. But she just refused. Then she said she can consider if i give her a massage but…Da Da cloud9 is not good in massaging. I might break your bones. LOL. I wish she changes her mind and fulfill my little wish. *pray hard*

Huhu…  Da Da is the last person you want to mess with at least for now. Why? Dont kaypoh..keep following and you will know why. Ha ha

Fun fact: Da Da has a sudden liking of spicy food eventhough her cheeks turn tomato after eating it.

The Mind Game

  1. One and a half hour to go..feeling like a jelly now.lembik…lapar… (T.T)  The last few hours is the most challenging hours. It’s like playing game with your mind. No…you shouldn’t give up when you’re almost there!NO!NEVER!

Thanks to Da Da. I am relying on the aroma oil she left here. Did she left it on purpose? He he.. doesn’t matter..I need it now to distract me from eating/drinking. Somehow it works..just like spinach to Popeye.(LOL)

Have a short chat with Da Da this afternoon. Too cold to stay in the office so we went out for ‘sun bathing’. ha ha.. it was a nice chat Da Da. I hope you like chatting with cloud9 too.

“Da Da snuggles her legs in her bag because her feet are cold” XD

XOXO – cloud9


The day after ‘The’ day

Listening to Secret Garden – dialogue version. Didn’t know that Da Da likes this version too. Ha Ha.. OK she is not that old 😛

Da Da disappears the day after her wedding anniversary. LOL (free thoughts on the reason why). So, I have to jaga our kedai on my own today. TGIF not much of serious incidents..manageable but yea I miss her. Since she said I am her no.1 fan so I have to be one now. =P

Hey Da Da when is your next post ah? If only ade my boring posts, your followers will unfollow this blog. >.< This coming Monday I’m gonna fast..not exactly fast..since is my first so I nego to have water. My biggest fear is not that I couldn’t eat but more to ‘What if my perut berbunyi??!!!!’ Malu lahhh !! >.< Hmmm..Da Da sure laugh till berguling-guling on the floor …hmmmmmm >.< Will see then.

As I promised in my previous post, here’s another fun fact:

“Da Da will sing even with her mouth full if her favourite song is playing”

XOXO – cloud9

Angel Brought Me Here

Hmm.. how should I begin?? Uhmm.. a minute ago I ask the owner of this blog( I called her Da Da and that’s how I will refer her as in my future posts) whether I could write on her blog and without a second of hesitation she said ‘YES’!! Honestly, her quick reply made my heart smile 🙂 Ya lah.. who will be so nice to let anyone scribble on their blog.. (WARNING: I might write just anything I like kannnn…) I hope she won’t regret this.

Well, today Da Da is in a perfect mood because it’s her wedding anniversary. She is in this beautiful black ABAYAHHH – is that what it is called? So pwetttyyyy. I wonder if she noticed I had been stealing glances on her. He he…

At this moment she is going to the toilet to fix back her tudung. Anyways, gonna talk about how we became close friends until she allows me to post whatever I want to on this blog. Well, thanks to this project that we need to work on together, we get to face each other everyday, or to be exact every weekday. So bermulalah our friendship. Nothing fancy about this story but trust me most of the time, if not always, we have something to laugh about. Yea, that’s how fun our friendship is.  OK what takes her so long in the toilet?? 20 minutes past now. Da Da dah pretty tuh..cermin pun dah nak pecah…*chiang* HA HA

Don’t know what to bebel already. Till my next post, here’s a fun fact that I hope I can end with in my every future post.

“Da Da has this British accent that some people thought she has blue eyes”

XOXO – cloud9