Omg! It has been ages since the last post. Oh well, ada banyak sangat benda yang berlaku… dan yeaaa blog ini di”abandon”kan sebab tak semudah update di instagram. Heh.

okay, first of all… this is going to be pretty much quickie as I’m updating this via mobile. Thought of using the BlogTouch app, but… eh, tak boleh masuk pulekk. Maybe kena subscribe to the pro version kot.

Alright, straight to the news of the year… I’m expecting the #3 now 😃Today marks my 25th weeks… and this blog tak captured any stories yet regards to this pregnancy.

Nanti kita story, ok? InsyaAllah. But I gotta tell you that this is far most challenging pregnancy I ever had so far. Hehe.

That’s me & my bump at around 19th week

So, minggu ini adalah minggu terakhir pegi office. I’ll be WFH starting next week sebab dah tak mampu nak membawa perut. Hihi. And furthermore, driving to KL from SA is just soooooo tiring! By time I reach office in the morning, half of my energy habis dah. Haha. I’m so lemau by lunch time. Lepas lunch tu memang rasa nak balik tido je 😅

Ok. Itu sahaja lah buat setakat ini… nak pegi mandi and try shampoo baru. Speaking of shampoo, I haven’t been sooooo rajin to shampoo ever since pregnant. During 1st trimester, I hardly wash my hair till I decided to go to the salon to get my hair chopped and washed. Punyalah teruk rambut masa tu. Mujur the hairstylist memahami condition mak buyung ni. Haha. The truth is, I cannot smell my own shampoo at home that time. Pfftt. Whoever pakai shampoo pun, akan ku suruh pergi jauh-jauh sampai le bau hilang. Kesian orang rumah ni kena bear with me 😜

Eh dah berapa kali trying to end this post but I just keep on typing! Haha. Bila datang mood menulis tuuu… macam-macam cerita. Cuba kalau no mojo, tengok blog pun tak mau dah. Ok ok, must ends here. Dah masuk waktu Isya and I haven’t mandi yet. Haha.

Till then, bye!


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