Breaking the habits

Sometimes bagus juga buat benda luar dari kebiasaan.

Macam tiba-tiba satu hari pegi kerja lalu jalan lain.
Tapi sangat stress bila lalu jalan lain tu, tiba-tiba stuck dalam traffic yang boleh tahan lama. Hehe.

Or like tonight. I’m usually dah lama tidur dah at this odd hours.
It is already past midnight, and I’m still wide awake. Well, thanks to painful headache I had masa on the way back home from the office.

So, I slept after perform maghrib and woke up around 9.30pm to chase the kids go to bed. Settling 2 bakul of kains while watching movie, kemas dapur and munch over Khadijah’s bekal — she refused to bawak her bekal bcos it turn out doesn’t the way she imagine it was. Pfftt. Mak kecewa. Tapi tak apalah nakk… Mak makan dah ni 😉

Ok, time is up. My washing machine dah bunyi.
I should go and sidai baju and hit the sack. Else tomorrow tak bangun pulak.

Goodnight, world.

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