Don’t grow up so fast

I miss to cuddle around with these two of my masyam. Tho at times, they both la yang selalu buat my blood go upstairs 😅

Umar just came into the room asking me to read bedtime stories to him, like we used to do. Ah, I feel like I’m a bad mom. Dah lama sangat tak baca pun… so, I read with him sampai dia menguap banyak kali & said, “ok mama… kita stop sini. Nanti sambung

Ish… rasa sebak pulak. He is just so young! Sometimes we treated him like he’s already big boy ☹️

Khadijah now is almost the same height as the brother. I think they shared the same weight and sometimes people will mistakenly thought that they are twins haha. Sebab lebih kurang sama.

Dah lama tak buat girls day out with her. Last time we did masa long distance dulu. I had her with me for 2 weeks, and we did so many things. Rindu jugak masa Kak Liya ada & take care of her. Basically, I missed the fun time with the girls 🙂

Let’s plan for something before this baby pops out. Most importantly, let’s see if I’m even up to it. Now nak jalan pun dah macam penguin, hehe.



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