I’m overly sensitive lately.
I’m easily get irritated by something and will snapped in a split second, which then I’ll end up regretting it. Pfft.

It is so hard to understand what is going on in my system right now. I know I am not myself.
I mean, I’m not like this before. Yes, please believe me. I may be a bit mean last time, but not this meanest. I hate myself at this point.

I can cry at any random situation. I cry on the way home listen some crappy love song. Haha. Silly! But yes. That’s the new me.
I cry in the rest room in the office just bcos I remembered I’m mad at my little girl.

Oh, God. This hormone imbalance or what ever crap in the system right now is totally making me crazy.

Could it be bcos of the contraceptive pills that I’m consuming? It does effects on my migraine, tho. Sakit gila-gila sampai consume balik the meds that I stopped long back.

Or I’m just finding excuses to blame on something else except myself?
O Allah, help me!

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