Next week dah raya tau

Yes, next week dah raya!

Tapi macam tak de mood nak beraya pun kat office ni tau. We had this super duper ambitious user yang mintak kiteorg siapkan this one procurement project within 3 months time frame which covers from order to fulfilment till billing. Basically, one complete cycle of ordering items or services la ni. Pffttt!

I dont know if I can raya dengan aman or not. But I told my team mate, kat kampung memang takde internet connection tau. Thanks, MIL for not installing any! Haha!

Deadline is on Aug 1. And today, right now at this very moment we still trying to tie few gaps that we found. Yang belum found jangan tanya, yang jumpa ni pun tak finalize lagi… Can you imagine how messy this project is?

Current process is so manual and tedious, lepas tu ada banyak scenarios yang kiteorang patut cover in order to make it work. Well, I’m only talking about one or two products here, imagine over hundreds products… boleh pingsan tau. And all of these, business owner tak tau pun yang nanti nak automate semua benda ni. Haaa cemana tu? This is like cowboy punya project la, come in make some change and ask people to accept your solution but you don’t know if your solution able to help them or not and worst is, you don’t even know the details of their day-in-day-out task. Sighhhh.

I know shouldn’t complain… but but but dah tak mampu dah ni weh. Boleh sakit otak. Everytime meeting surely there will be some change. I just don’t know how to face my development team — asking them to change again and again.


Ok, lets pasang lagu raya while working and hoping my mojo will be back. But I doubt it will. Lagi tak tenang nak kerja adalah. Haha! Mood raya sudah mariiiii gituu!

With that, selamat balik kampung semua… I know ramai dah balik this weekend kan? So, berhati-hati di jalanraya. Till next raya entry from me, take care all!


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