Ramadan this year

Time passes by so fast that when we look back, there are so much had happened and Alhamdulilah, Thank You Allah… we still here today, now. And I believe for everything that happened, for us to improve ourselves to become a better person, insyaAllah.

Last year Ramadan, we still as a long distance family. Hubsie and Umar in Penang. Khadijah in KB and I myself in Shah Alam.
Can you imagine my baby girl had to be in KB for a month long with my parents? I still cannot believe it actually. Bcos she’s barely 3 yo pun masa tu and she’s totally ok (in actual, I believe she misses home very much just tak reti nak express her feelings to her Tok and Embah). Sampai sekarang rasa bersalah tu ada 🙁

At the same time, MIL in the hospital. Her post op of thyroid removal took a bit longer to recover. Everyone in KT (outside of KT came back too!) was so busy took care of Mok. We even predicted that she will celebrated raya with tube hooked around her 🙁

Look at this year… Alhamdulilah, this year dapat puasa dengan family sendiri and since I have my parents staying together, we have a big bunch of people bila berbuka & sahur. Meriahh!

Semalam berbuka di Topaz since MIL, Umi Adik & Abi Azmi was there. And it was Umar first trial puasa. Tak sangka pulak awang tu boleh puasa penuh. Towards the end je la dia bising perut dia dah lapar. Sahur harini dia siap pesan, “mama… lepas ambil Umar, jangan la puasa lama sangat. Nanti perut Umar lapar”. I hope he manage to puasa penuh again today. Ameen. Khadijah managed to puasa half day yesterday. She came back and told me “Adik puasa”, when asked if she puasa. “Tapii… tadi teacher suap adik makan. 2 kali. Adik makan lah” Hehe. Funny la you adik. Harini try puasa lagi, k dik!

Ramadan kareem, everyone! 🙂


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