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Umar will be 7 y.o next year.
We registered him to the public school and he took the diagnostic test last Monday. Nampak macam ok, his cousins sekolah situ juga and they all ok je semua. Faris got straight As for UPSR, masa pegi briefing last Monday cikgu-cikgu depa pun bukan calang-calang. So I guess should be good la kan.

My only problem is sekolah agama (kafa).
Since si ayah been procrastinating pasal register Umar untuk sekolah agama… There’s no more slot available dah until March. Cikgu sekolah agama tu kata, usually by March baru tau siapa yang betul-betul daftar situ. So, masa tu baru ada kosong. Marchh??!! Lama weii. Karang Umar dah biasa bangkit lambat (he’ll be in afternoon session, by the way) for 3 months… do you think he would want to go to sekolah agama by then? Lagipun nak tinggal dia dengan siapa? Yeah, my parents are around… but they won’t say no kalau Umar dok layan tv/computer/phone dari pagi sampai waktu pegi sekolah.


My another problem is… our current education system ni… macam kelam-kabut je. Kejap macam tu, kejap macam ni. Risau la pulak. Dengan soalan-soalan KBAT nya lagi… Takot maknya yang tension nanti…. Anak relax aje.


So, I started google-ing around for any school for Umar.

ISSA – registration dah tutup ok. Diorg start enrollment since June/July lagi oii. Pfftt
IDRISI – tengok fees dia berjuling mata! Haha.
Brainy Bunch – location tak strategic. It is at One City sana. And I got to know in June next year nak pindah Cyberjaya sana. Memang taklah kan…
Greenview – I don’t know… fees dia tu boleh tahan.
Nuh’Ark – tunggu respond diorg pasal fee structure.

I don’t know mana tah lagi nak tengok ni.

Ke memang macam ni perasaan mak-mak yang anak dia baru nak naik darjah satu?


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  1. Noor'aishah binti Mohamad says:

    Parents today actually…. during my days & your parents days, we do not face this problem at all…. nowadays, most parents are adopting to this kiasu attitude…. our children kena sama or lebih dari anak orang lain…. i don’t know wether this is good for the children…. but anyway raising children are always try & error process… don’t stress urself, just doakan anak2 menjadi ank yg soleh & selamat dunia-akhirat.

    • Cik Cah,
      Bukan nak kiasu sangat pun. Cuma I was worried that Umar cannot coop with the our ever changing edu system. Nanti mak dia yg stress. Anak relax saja heheh. Bcos bottom line is, I want him to become a good muslim boy that not only know how to count, read and exam based kinda boy… but I want him to become a good, humble boy which insyaAllah in the future he will know what to choose either the good ones or the bad ones.
      May Allah protect us. Amin 🙂

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