Short Trip: Damai Laut+Pangkor Island I

We’ve been waiting for so long to have a break and enjoy ourselves. Actually there are lots of other places on the wife’s mind, but it all come to this one destination; 2 hours drive from Penang Island, the super saver deal for hotel accommodation is so irresistible – we can upgrade our room to the sea view FOC plus some places of interest along the way. So, why not?! Can save our money for something else 😉

On Saturday (5/23), we started our journey a bit late… around 9-ish. Had our breakfast at Autocity sambil menunggu cupcakes from Sugarbuds sampai. Hihi. Kak Wan, thank you very much sebab melayan permintaan last minute kita ni. We both love it.

Lepas tu, perjalanan jalan-jalan-cari-tempat-menarik-di-Perak dimulakan. Since the check-in time is at 3pm, we have ample of time to wanders around Taiping town. Nasib baiklah ada Garmin NÜvi, it makes our journey less sesat. Kalau tak, I’m sure sesat sana sini 🙂


We’ve been to Taiping Zoo before (Night Safari actually), so kiteorg skipped the zoo and went straight to Bukit Larut. Sampai je kat Bukit Larut, we just missed the land rover to go up the hill. The next trip will be at 1 and will only come down at 2. So, we just feast our eyes with some photos that they stick on the board. Too bad. Takpelah next time. Kite masuk skali zoo ok, dear? 😉

The Lake Garden (just nearby the zoo and Bukit Larut) was so beautiful… but we don’t even bother nak masuk jalan-jalan as the weather was so hot that day. Next stop was to museum. Yes, the royal museum! Again, it was so unfortunate as the museum close most of its sections except the one with the animals. Duh. Tak nak pegi zoo but end up looking at the animals jugak but this one of course lah tak hidup. hihi. We settled after 10mins there and then we decided to find place for makan and straight to the hotel.

Ade byk tempat-tempat menarik along the way nak ke Damai Laut; Trong Hot Spring, Matang Mangrove Forest, Turtle Sanctuary (Abg, we missed this place lah!) dan byk lagi lah. Tapi sayangnya… we didn’t go any of it, sebab perut dah lapar dan kami dah tak sabar nk tengok hotel. Hihihi.


After been thru a long bumpy and winding road, finally kiteorg sampai ke destinasi yg dituju. Swiss-Garden Golf & Spa Resort Damai Laut (SGGSRDL) such a huge, huge place! Any golfers surely will love this place! 😉

The checking in process eat up sometime as there were few people there earlier and with only 2 receptionists. The bell boy helped us with all the bags. Mind you, 2 org dewasa ini tak reti travel light! Haiihh… rasa mcm semua benda nk bawak. Penuh satu boot kereta with our bags. Tu belum ada baby 😛 I know… both of us have to learn how to travel light. Kalau tak maunya bertimbun bags bila travel with the kid(s) nanti.

Letak semua barang, grab some cupcakes+bread… then terus pegi check out the place. There are lots of activities that you can do apart from swimming – playing beach volleyball, archery, canoe, ride on bike, go to gym, nature walk and face painting (these are all FOC). I love the beach. Clean and they had one place like tersorok a bit, mcm private place la to do bbq-ing nearby the beach. Eh, Abg… we don’t even jalan-jalan tepi pantai main air kannn?? Ish, kene pegi lagi niiii 😛


Sambil jalan-jalan tu, kiteorg sempat try archery dan Abg saya itu sungguh tebal muka join sapa tah main beach volleyball. Isteri tersayang ni duduk jela tepi tgk dia main. hehee… kelakar lah. Punyelah excited nk main beach volleyball, dah tak kesah sapa pun… asal boleh main 😛



At night, we decided to have dinner at Lumut town. Thank you, Mastura for your suggestion to go Ikan Bakar Lumut Restaurant. The dishes were so delicious! Reasonable pulak tu. We had tomyam ayam, ikan pari bakar, sayur kailan ikan masin, kerabu sotong and the bill was less than 40RM. Ingtkan mahal… yelah ikan pari that we had was too big, sampai tak terhabis pun. Lepas makan kenyang, we went to Lumut Waterfront – lebih kurang mcm Danga Bay, JB. After that we heading straight to the hotel.

I will continue part 2 later. Rupanya lots pictures with my hubby. InsyaAllah, esok I’ll blog more. There are lots of interesting things that I want to share, about Pangkor Island, food at SGGSRDL… Till then. Have a great weekend everyone! 😀


p.s: We received lots of ‘kad wangi’. Tomorrow one of hub’s bestie will get married at Kulim. Next week kenduri Ada, Jat and one of hub’s colleague.

p.s.s: Mieza, congratulations! I’m sure you tgh nervous skrng ni kan… hehe. Bykkan selawat. InsyaAllah, everything will be fine. Can’t wait for your wedding pictures to be up.

8 thoughts on “Short Trip: Damai Laut+Pangkor Island I

  1. suraya says:

    wawawaawaa..x sangka damai laut tu cantik jgk!dah 2..3 kali lalu situ.x teringin lak nak memang betul2 jalan ni siap g pangkor ek?!sabtu hari tu perak & sabak dilanda ribut.banyak giler pokok tumbang.nasib baik korang dtg x kene ributs!

    • Suraya,
      iye! canteeeeekkkk bangat ok! 🙂
      aku mmg jatuh chenta habis la ngan Damai Laut tak tahan part makan la.that part i’ll blog more nanti.

      Yup yup! kiteorg siap boleh p pangkor kejap 😉
      aa??? yeke sampai ribut? huhuuu…

  2. suraya says:

    last week hari khamis @ jumaat.lupe sudah.mlm tu 2..3 pg aku bole terjage sbb rase angin kuat sangat.seriyess ngatkan ade tsunami sbb kitorang mmg sebelah laut je.
    aaa..curious lg ni.nak ke damai laut tu kene naik boat berape lame it belah pulau sblh pangkor.makan dkt2 laut ni mmg murah2.kalo balik puchong aku bwk balik 1 box penuh dgn ikan..sotong..udang.1 bulan x yah p pasar ;D

    • Sue,
      Damai Laut ni kat tanah besar lagi.jalan nk ke Lumut nanti ada sign board nk ke swiss garden.
      dr swiss garden ni boleh ke pangkor… naik speed boat je.
      btw, kiteorg tak try makan seafood kat pangkor pon… derang kat sana mcm tak hygienic je.kiteorg terpaksa telan gak sbb lapar masa kat pangkor.huhuu…
      nantilah aku citer lagi dlm part 2.mlm karang aku sambung cita ni.syok nya weh siap boleh bwk balik 1 kotak penuh seafood.

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