I’m so exhausted, tired and and andd sighhh.

The point is, penat. Sangat.
I had UAT this week and I never imagine that it was so tiring until I just couldn’t even think what the other end was trying to say to me on the 3rd day of UAT. My mind was working, but couldn’t compute what to say or reply to others.

Even right now at the moment, my body is screaming for a rest but my mind refused to. So here I am, typing this entry. I was so tired that I wanted to rest, maybe get some sleep and wake up fresher. But I just couldn’t. Watched my fav series, Numbers — dah la penat seharian kat ofis, balik pegi tengok pulak cerita “berat” camni. Oi, penat fikir siapa bunuh Dr Hoke tu. Haha.

It has been long weeks for us — my colleagues. We’ve been working like hell days and nights… weekdays and weekends too. I just hope all of these sacrifices will paid off. At this point of time, I guess everyone just praying to get the system up and running je. Nak jadi apa lepas go-live tu, jadilah. Dah penat, sangat.

And seriously, I couldn’t think of any word than penat.

I just want to sit back and relax, ohh you wish Aida!

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